Salon : Seminar Data and Policy

Salon : Seminar Data and Policy
5/01/2021 – 08:16

Januari 20
11:1200 Seminar Data and Policy
Do register early as we have a limited seating in the (online) workshops.
Salons are intended as context , content and fact finding open conversations. They do not reflect official NGI policy.
Speakers include Anja Bechmann and Jaya Klara Brekke
14:00- 1530: Workshops (working titles)
Data and Industry 40, large scale data lakes 
Data and Personal spaces, personal data to share and trade? Moderated by Theo Veltman
Data and Identity, Self Sovereign Identity Moderated by Rob van Kranenburg and Gaëlle Le Gars
Executive Vice-President for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age, Margrethe Vestager, said: “You don’t have to share all data. But if you do and data is sensitive you should be able to do in a manner where data can be trusted and protected. We want to give business and citizens the tools to stay in control of data. And to build trust that data is handled in line with European values and fundamental rights.”
It is clear that there is an urgency for an alternative European model to data handling practice of major tech platforms, and pave the way for sectoral European data spaces to benefit society, citizens and companies. 
In this workshop we want to bring together policy and industry experts and the merging NGI ecosystem as it is growing with the innovators organized by DAPSI, the Data Portability & Services Incubator.
NGI Forward will provide the seminar/webinar and workshop environment.
The workshops format is by Alberto Cottica and colleagues from Edgeryders, a partner in NGI FORWARD.
Outcome: either new topics for further research in the larger framework program or topics that are interesting now to submit to one of the NGI calls, open for people to take them up or submit. 
Organizers: IoT Council for NGI FORWARD and ELONTECH

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