Salon: The Future of Search

Salon: The Future of Search
5/01/2021 – 08:20

Januari 27
11:1200 Seminar The Future of Search
14:00- 1530: Workshops
Do register early as we have a limited seating in the (online) workshops.
Salons are intended as context , content and fact finding open conversations. They do not reflect official NGI policy.
This search engine workshop pursues an ambitious EU scenario in which the NGI open access architecture plays a positive role in opening European opportunities in the search domain. The aim is to develop better search infrastructure solutions and tools and to support EU innovators and enterprises to deploy them as NGI. Collaboration at scale is necessary to build up European digital leadership.
For this webinar, we probe the following questions:
What are the key needs for tomorrow’s search and discovery, and how are those algorithms that give ‘top’ results validated?
What are user’s unmet needs?
What happens to the search data?
Whom will profit and who is left behind, and what is the sum effect of that digital exclusion happening repeatedly over time?
How will our diverse human languages play a role in this context, as Europe and the world moves to a single language of zeroes and ones?
Can today’s digital ecosystem be leveraged to offer citizens a fair data deal that leads to reliable and verifiable information and data trusts?
Currently, there is no other search/intermediary in play, which means society has no collective ability to influence it, beyond an individuals’ ‘right to be forgotten’. There is no collective ability to act, e.g. to make things more transparent or ethical in design. Users move from private property (the commercial search portal) to private property (the corporate website).
In decentralising search and making results machine-processable, there still remains a need to improve discoverability. This can be done through open standards to facilitate open discovery and to foster composability. We can have multiple independent sources of search collaborate without creating a single search authority.
Ethical search means applying ethical filters to search results, adding mechanisms for collective action to feed those filters, so that as a society we make our digital values visible inside search.
Instead of lamenting the amount of trust in commercial providers like Amazon (service to trunk) that delivers this UX, we must provide an equally simple and user-friendly societal governance model, as an app. In ‘The Age of Continuous Connection new technologies make 24/7 customer relationships possible. It may be time to change our business model. As Nicolaj Siggelkow and Christian Terwiesch write in HBR May June 2019. “In many cases, what matters most to customers is the amount of energy they have to expend – the less, the better.”
From this event and online conversations following the webinar, a a diverse group of experts will give the EC recommendations for creating viable business models with new applications and services.
14:00- 1530: Workshops (working titles)
Search and UX
Search in/and Internet of Things
Search and Trust 
In this workshop we want to bring together policy and industry experts and the merging NGI ecosystem as it is growing with the innovators organized by NGI0 Discovery (which is focussed on search, discovery and discoverability) and NGI Assure,  coordinated by NLNET.
NGI Forward will provide the seminar/webinar and workshop environment.
The workshops format is by Alberto Cottica and colleagues from Edgeryders, a partner in NGI FORWARD.
Outcome: either new topics for further research in the larger framework program or topics that are interesting now to submit to one of the NGI calls, open for people to take them up or submit. 
Organizers: IoT Council for NGI FORWARD and ELONTECH

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