Alicia Asin: Where does IoT go from here?

Alicia Asin: Where does IoT go from here?
8/01/2021 – 11:46

…”The promise of the IoT market has been growing for the last 15 years, with many market analysts predicting that we would reach 50 billion devices by the magic year 2020. Now that we’ve arrived here, the reality is a little more conservative (we’re about 41 billion devices short of the forecast). Has IoT failed to live up to its promise? No, but the industry is evolving in a radically different direction to the one predicted a decade and a half ago…

My prediction for the future? IoT needs to move towards a business model that prioritises holistic IoT solutions, rather than focussing on one specific area. Post-pandemic, the sector needs to shift away from hardware and software providers, and become an industry that provides whole solutions to problems in every vertical.
Libelium is exploring new business models that will implement in the near future as part of its strategic shift from hardware vendor profile to whole IoT solutions provider.”

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