CHwapi hospital hit by ransomware; operations canceled, and another city hit

Another hospital has been hit with ransomware. The following is a Google translation of a report The CHwapi, hospital center of Picardy Wallonia in Tournai, was the victim of a computer attack on Sunday evening. All non-urgent operations were canceled on Monday. No ransom demand has been demanded, according to management. The CHwapi was the victim of a cyber attack on Sunday evening, at 8:46 p.m. sharp. No less than 80 of the 300 computer servers have been affected. As the personal data of the admissions department was no longer accessible, the staff returned to reviewing the old paper data. No computer theft was committed and no ransom demand was made. Faced with this situation, a hundred operations were canceled on Monday. As far as consultations are concerned, according to the doctors, the majority has been maintained. Patients who had their consultation canceled were notified by text message or by phone call. Read more on  This is the second French hospital in the past month to have been hit this way. Center Hospitalier Albertville-Moûtiers (CHAM) was hit in December. French cities also continue to be hit. LeMagIT now reports that the city of Angers has also been hit. The news outlet notes that last year, they had identified 40 cities that had been hit.  The reports this site has read do not indicate what type of ransomware is involved or if it is the same threat actor(s) hitting all these cities. Great thanks to @Chum1ng0 for sending these along.DataBreaches.netRead More