Now-defunct X-Rated Social Media App Exposes Users in Massive Data Breach

vpnMentor reports: vpnMentor’s research team, led by cybersecurity analyst Noam Rotem, recently uncovered a data breach originating from the Fleek social media app. While it appears Fleek ceased operating in 2019, it failed to secure a huge amount of sensitive data collected from users since it launched in 2016. Fleek was marketed as an ‘x-rated’ alternative to Snapchat’s “Campus Stories”, with similar photo-sharing functions but almost no censorship or moderation of content. As a result, much of the data exposed in this breach contained explicit content, ranging from drug use to sexual imagery. Furthermore, the discovery exposed a potential scam by the app’s operators, who appeared to be monetizing it by targeting users with fake chatbot accounts. Read more on vpnMentor.DataBreaches.netRead More