FR: Services of the department of Vienne victims of computer hacking

France Bleu reports (translation): A computer attack hit the services of the Vienne department on Thursday, January 21. All the computers are down and the telephone network is severely disrupted. Experts are intervening at the moment. …    “We immediately blocked our entire IT and digital team with our services,” explains Alain Pichon, president of the Vienne departmental council. “A specialized company is intervening at the moment to resolve these problems as quickly as possible. All the computers are out of service until Monday,” he continues. Phones are also affected. “We made all the transfers to the professional cell phones of our agents.” Read more on France Bleu. h/t, @Chum1ng0, who has taken to helpfully letting me know what country a city is in so there is no repeat of my France-Belgium confusion. DataBreaches.netRead More