CN: Leaks of personal information from epidemiological survey cast shadow over anti-epidemic work

Xu Keyue reports: The leak of personal information of people who took part in epidemiological surveys has sparked public concern about the privacy of COVID-19 patients, and cast a shadow over the safety and reliability of the surveys, which could negatively affect China’s epidemic prevention and control work. The Paper reported that hospital staff, the centers for disease control and prevention, aviation security staff and personnel handling the epidemiological report, could be involved in leaking the personal information they obtained from epidemiological surveys. They then forwarded the information to an individual or an online group chat, which caused rapid spread of the information on the social media. Consequently, some patients whose personal information was exposed suffered cyber violence. Read more on Global Times.  The news report cites specific examples of leaks so this is not just a theoretical concern.DataBreaches.netRead More