Resource Management Technology

Resource Management Technology
28/01/2021 – 17:27

Our Resource Management event is a unique half-day virtual symposium and innovations exhibition exploring how new technologies are shaping the built environment and the new world of work.
The world now has a renewed focus on the costs and wastes associated with business.  This has led to innovations and different ways of thinking about the workplace as companies begin to future-proof their workplace strategy into 2021 and beyond. This is not simply limited to technology, but also to changing the way people perceive the office and their behaviour in it.
As part of the return to the office strategy we will need new technology to measure and book spaces as well as other data to provide a safe and secure environment. UnWork predicts that a 30% reduction in property requirements is possible as new ways of working are introduced. But as buildings become ‘load balanced’ it will be imperative that intelligence is accessible to show the availability of spaces and meeting rooms.
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