First International 21st Century Silk Road Conference (IOT on Wheels) invitation 

First International 21st Century Silk Road Conference (IOT on Wheels) invitation 
31/01/2021 – 13:00

Muhammad Hamza,
IoT Center (PvT) Limited,
Islamabad, Pakistan    
We cordially invite you to our International conference meeting that will take place in Pakistan on March 17, 2020 till March 23, 2020. It will be a conference cum Roadshow in which all major startups, universities and organizations will take part both physically and remotely. 
It is an exciting opportunity and first of its kind in Pakistan, where the participants will be thrilled by depiction of products and projects as well as enjoy the unmatchable, unexplored beauty that this piece of land has to offer. We will gather at Karachi and delegations will join us along the way via Gwader and ultimately to Malam Jabba (KPK) which is a hill top and major tourist attraction.
Surely the conference will offer International exposure to local audiences and give a chance to International Participants to evaluate and rank the pace of design and development being done in Pakistan, thereby opening new doors of incubation, partnerships and collaboration. But this is not it. You will also be meeting Students, Young Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Government Officials and Bureaucrats, enhancing your chances of collaboration thus helping you grow economically. Apart from this, you will be given the chance to learn the culture and spend time with hospitable local hosts.
By taking a prominent part in this conference, you will definitely make new friends and pleasant memories. Therefore, Your presence at this conference physically and remotely, as per your convenience, will be highly appreciated. Feel free to contact us for further information.
hamza at

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