Disposable Self-sovereign Identity Request for Information Webinar

Disposable Self-sovereign Identity Request for Information Webinar
1/02/2021 – 22:05

Disposable Self-sovereign Identity Request for Information Webinar
The Object Management Group is exploring potential issues and opportunities for standardization across the world of distributed ledger (DLT) and Blockchain ecosystems. One area of interest is ‘self-sovereign’ identity (SSID), where we see potential for standardization for a new kind of ‘Disposable’ SSID. These are context-specific or ephemeral identities, framed in terms of the existing W3C DID standard for SSIDs but with additional requirements for limited, context-specific usage. 
The OMG believes that this requirement may benefit from the development of a standard and has released a ‘Request for Information’ (RFI) seeking information from industry and interested parties on the overall SSID space and the challenges of dealing with contextual and short-term identity requirements, privacy and data usage issues etc., in order to establish whether there is a potential need for a standard in this area.
The date for comments to be received on this is 31 March 2021.
At this webinar we will present the insights we have gained so far on Disposable SSIDs and potential solutions, so we can communicate a clear sense of what we are trying to learn and the range of responses we are seeking.
Live online Feb 3 5:00 pm Belgium – Brussels or after on demand 30 mins
Presented by
Mike Bennett, co-chair, OMG Blockchain Platform Special Interest Group

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