IoT Virtual Summit 2021 EU/UK

IoT Virtual Summit 2021 EU/UK
6/02/2021 – 12:17

Technological innovation influences mission-critical applications in business processes and the manufacturing and technology companies that take the risk and are early adopters of new technology will be rewarded for their progressive decision-making. Since, digitization helps to ensure product quality and safety, as well as faster service delivery, it ensures to go a long way with customers. This has made the IoT adaptation the need of hour!
Due to the pandemic most of the organizations are working remotely, IoT has turned out to be an enabler to sustain and improve consistency.  MarketsandMarkets are putting together a virtual platform, to deliver the key industry attributes in form user-based case studies for and from the tech world on 23rd & 24th March 2021.

• Need of Industrial Internet of things
• Predictive maintenance in industrial technology
• Role of AI/ML, automation & AR in the technology space
• IT-OT convergence
• Use case of supply chain digitization
• Cloud architecture & IoT security
• IoT for calibration
• Use cases: Smart systems and pandemic

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