Announcing the formation of the Teleoperation Consortium

Announcing the formation of the Teleoperation Consortium
10/02/2021 – 16:56

The Teleoperation Consortium (TC) has been established as a non-profit business league to facilitate the interaction, and advance the interests, of the entities involved in the vehicle teleoperation ecosystem. Teleoperation of vehicles, is the ability to remotely drive or assist a piloted or self-driving car. Most leading companies in the industry believe that to bridge the gap between current self-driving capabilities and the requirements needed for widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles, there is a need to have teleoperation capabilities for assisting self-driving cars.
Tao Zhang, PhD, IEEE Fellow and Manager of the Emerging Technology Working Group of the National Institute of Standards and Technology ( noted that, “Vehicle teleoperation, or remote driving, is a crucial part of the automated driving ecosystem and is receiving growing industry attention. Today, teleoperation systems have emerged for robots, mining, delivery, trucking, fleets, while also playing an important role in helping self-driving cars navigate difficult situations. Future teleoperation systems, powered by artificial intelligence and advanced networks such as 5G, could allow some automated driving intelligence to be off-loaded from the vehicle into the cloud and thus enable new automated driving solutions that are not feasible today.“ 
The Board of Directors of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association ( has unanimously endorsed the formation of this consortium.

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