British Columbia real estate agency sustains unusual ransomware attack

Lyle Adriano reports: A British Columbia-based real estate agency is the latest victim of a ransomware cyberattack – but the circumstances of the attack raise more questions than answers. Last week, the Conti ransomware group listed the ReMax Kelowna as one of its victims on its website. To prove it had instigated the attack, the group also listed the names of 15 files it allegedly copied from ReMax Kelowna. Read more on Insurance Business Canada. The company’s statement is interesting in light of the statement by Nocona General Hospital, who also claimed to have gotten no ransom demand and who also did not confirm that the ransomware had encrypted their files: Redman said that he was not aware that any files were stolen during the attack until a reporter had informed him later that week. “We had the attack shut down so fast we didn’t believe they got anything. We got no ransomware request from [attackers], our system never got locked down from them, but they obviously got a little bit of data.”DataBreaches.netRead More