NL: The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) hit by threat actor(s)

NWO reports: The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has been hit by a cyber attack. Grant applications to the organization have been stopped because of the attack. It is unclear who is behind the attack. The NWO reports that its servers have been hacked and the network is not accessible. “At the moment everything is aimed at solving the current problem as quickly as possible. At the moment it is not possible to say how long this situation will last”, the organization said. “None of the applications running on the NWO network is currently accessible. This means, among other things, that email addresses of NWO, Regieorgaan SIA and Regieorgaan NRO are not accessible. Office software cannot be used, including Outlook. The website is available. not affected by the hack “, writes the NWO. Read more on Dutch-IT Channel. While NWO acknowledges a hack, they do not say if this was a ransomware incident, and state that they will not answer any questions about the hack of matter until after matters are settled. h/t, @Chum1ng0DataBreaches.netRead More