Announcing AutoSens Academy: An ADAS foundation level course  

Announcing AutoSens Academy: An ADAS foundation level course  
24/02/2021 – 20:05

Announcing AutoSens Academy: An ADAS foundation level course
Since 2015, AutoSens has been running world class conferences in the vehicle perception technology space, covering all topics relating to ADAS and autonomous vehicles. AutoSens prides themselves on their events being designed by engineers, for engineers.  
Leveraging the power of their extensive network of world class engineers and scientists, they have developed the AutoSens Academy – a 12-module online course. 
Through their unique teaching methodology, they have brought a product to market that will bring the key technical disciplines required to build the latest ADAS or autonomous vehicle perception systems to life.
Each of the 12 monthly modules will be delivered online through a combination of:
    •    3+ hours of recorded materials, per module,  which are broken into easy-to-digest 15-20 minute learning videos

    •    Homework modules which put learning into practice ahead of the group work sessions 

    •    4-hour, tutor-led,  interactive group session where learners can work through module specific tasks with their fellow course participants

    •    Networking and peer-driven discussion during the final week, culminating in a module quiz

    •    Additional reading and resources where appropriate

AutoSens Academy has been designed for engineers and technologists from a variety of backgrounds, wanting to gain a comprehensive understanding of the full perception system design, manufacture and operation.  
“There are many commercial reasons why the OEMs continue to invest in improving these technologies, and there is a global shortage of experienced engineers. The opportunities for upcoming engineers are significant, and I think the AutoSens Academy would be a very effective way to boost your career.”
Prof. Dr. Alexander Braun, Professor of Physics, University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf
The AutoSens Academy will be available to purchase from 22 February 2021 at an introductory rate of £1,499. This rate expires on 27 March when the full rate of £1,999 will be charged. The first module will begin on 29 March. 
For more information on AutoSens Academy, please visit

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