Making an Impact from India to the Rest of the World by Building & Nurturing Women Infosec Community

India is one of the most diverse and fastest growing countries in the world and due to the fast growth, women often are left behind. The world average female literacy rate is 79.7%, while in India the average rate is just 65.46, and for women that enter the technology workforce it is even lower and for those entering into cyber security it is even less. The talk is about the journey of Infosecgirls community which started in India with the goal of bringing more women into the cyber security workforce and integrating them with the larger community and is now reaching a global audience. The Initiative was conceptualized because of a need to have a warm and nurturing environment for women where they can easily discuss information security and over a period of time moulded to help women, students, kids, and underprivileged communities to come forward and be part of cyber security ecosystem.

By Vandana Verma Sehgal

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