Dalton Oliveira: There’s no need to be anti-smart or anti-cloud. Build your own smart home

Dalton Oliveira: There’s no need to be anti-smart or anti-cloud. Build your own smart home
10/03/2021 – 15:01

“There’s no need to be anti-smart or anti-cloud. Build your own yourself. I’ve been building my own smart home (called SmartyHomy) since 2016.
When I use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri in some operation, they request data from a special place with no other data of my smart home network. It’s a matter of engineering and systems architecture. I build my own Edge, Fog, and Cloud devices. Edge and Fog are connected between them, but with no interface with Wi-Fi router / Internet. Only Cloud / Hub is connected to Wi-Fi / Internet, so I can remote control things. I built everything from scratch.
Some say about Edge with ML. It is cool and it is not cool – it’ll depend on your project. With 5G, you won’t need Edge with ML.
Also, players who build IoT devices to connect to user Wi-Fi, it’s a huge mistake. Can you imagine how many devices people will have connected to their Wi-Fi ? I have one only (my Cloud / Hub) and everything’s running ok.
I use voice, chatbot, gestures, and even my own geolocation to trigger some actions at home; also, of course, automatic operations (based on other data).
There was a time, some of my “things” were connected to a Twitter account, as you can see:
Nespresso: https://twitter.com/smartywiot/status/937118356192317441
Washing Machine: https://twitter.com/smartywiot/status/937082939661221888
Vacuum Cleaner: https://twitter.com/smartywiot/status/937110971209994240
Rice Cooker: https://twitter.com/smartywiot/status/952585655367929858
Gas Heater: https://twitter.com/smartywiot/status/937116100738809856
etc etc etc
Controlling TV, HT, Apple TV using voice (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri): https://youtu.be/cVcob-xh3Ac
Turn on/off Xmas Tree Lights using chatbot: https://youtu.be/RqLMRS_PVS4
Turn on/off Xmas Tree Lights using Google Assistant: https://youtu.be/YFHjLmSEWu8
etc etc etc
But, it was like a “Big Brother”, and, if I want privacy I should turn off that feature – and that’s what I did.
Alerts / notifications go to other channels I have in privacy – most will say there’s no privacy, ok, I agree; but, for data to make sense it needs context, and I have an algorithm to shuffle in order to kill the context.
My most recent project that I added to my smart home is to flush the toilet using voice (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri).
Also, it’s possible to measure how many ml of water is used, it checks if there’s water leakage, and many other things.
And yes, I can check those data using the chatbot.
So, no need to panic. You want privacy, build your own smart home – as I did it. 🙂
Any comments, do not hesitate to raise good discussions.”
Have a great day,

Dalton Oliveira
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