Verifier Universal Interface (VUI). Estimated survey time: 3 minutes

Verifier Universal Interface (VUI). Estimated survey time: 3 minutes
12/03/2021 – 08:06

Verifier Universal Interface (VUI). Estimated survey time: 3 minutes
VUI is an interop initiative that aims to standardize all the interfaces necessary in a verifier’s component. The main objective is for any wallet to be able to interoperate with any verifier component, and for any verifier component to interop with any DID resolver and registries. It is an ambitious project that tries to leverage all existing work (standard proposals and initiatives already defined), suggest improvements and fill the gaps. 
There have been bi-weekly meetings held with an average of 8-10 participants from different SSI companies with following results:
– A VUI draft proposal defined as ground work for discussion.
– A prototype Sandbox environment so that anyone can do very fast interop testing with these APIs.
– Engaged participants (10 organizations)
– Funding
As we transition from a small interop initiative to a standardization proposal, we’d like to engage with the broader community and start prioritizing the APIs we should start working on. 
This short survey will help us focus on the activities the community needs the most.

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