International Internet of Things Days Rotterdam 2021

International Internet of Things Days Rotterdam 2021
17/03/2021 – 08:02

International Internet of Things Days Rotterdam 2021
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From Tuesday 6 to Friday 9 April, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is organising the 9th edition of the International Internet of Things Days.
This week offers you an online programme full of interesting workshops, fascinating round-table discussions, appealing lectures and project presentations on the theme of Truth or Data? In addition, a challenging hackathon ‘Truth of Data’ will take place. The programme is aimed at entrepreneurs, policy makers, experts, researchers, teachers and students.
The programme will be streamed live from a unique location, the Loft RDM Next. From the event platform you can interactively participate in the various parts of the programme. 
Truth of Data?
The week is divided into several themes. Tuesday’s theme is ethics, Wednesday’s is about data quality and Thursday’s focus is on the perspective of entrepreneurs. In addition, an online session will be offered on Thursday in cooperation with the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences’ broad AI and Ethics programme. Its theme is the role of higher professional education in innovation with artificial intelligence. Friday is about the role of designers in the data society. On that day, the results of the hackathon ‘Truth of Data’ will also be presented.
Creating 010 has been able to engage a selection of speakers. In addition, numerous professionals, researchers and teachers will collaborate in various project presentations and workshops.
 Hackathon ‘Truth of Data’
Participants are invited to find a solution for the issue that data can lead to problems or that data is actively misused. How can we ensure the integrity of data? What can we do against fake news? How much influence can you have over the distribution of (your) data? When is data, or news, more important than privacy? Or when is it not?  ”How do we protect society from being influenced by non-information?”  During this week various online meetings are organised for the participants; a pub quiz, virtual escaperoom and more.
Internet of Things Rotterdam will be concluded with the hackathon pitches, the award ceremony for the best ‘Truth of Data’ concept and a virtual networking reception.

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