Rich Handley: Forbes Gets RFID

Rich Handley: Forbes Gets RFID
18/03/2021 – 08:07

An article published last week by the American business magazine, encouraging the adoption of radio frequency identification, may signify a shift in how the media views the technology’s value.

Mar 17, 2021One obstacle that has long plagued the radio frequency identification industry has been that the worldwide media hasn’t given it enough mainstream coverage. Without sufficient discussion of a technology’s positive benefits, companies and individuals are less prone to trust it, and conspiracy theorists are more likely to convince them not to. RFID-focused publications like RFID Journal offer such coverage, of course, but when prominent news organizations discuss the technology, it’s sometimes from the standpoint of how tech-wary privacy advocates might oppose it, or how online data breaches might be harbingers of doom for the Internet of Things. That doesn’t help to foster adoption.

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