Clothes retailer Fatface: Someone’s broken in and accessed your personal data, including partial card payment details… Don’t tell anyone

Jude Karabus reports: British clothes retailer Fatface has infuriated some customers by telling them “an unauthorised third party” gained access to systems holding their data earlier this year, and then asking them to keep news of the blunder to themselves. Several people wrote into The Register to let us know about the personal data leak, with reader Terry saying: “You will notice the Fatface email is marked as confidential. This annoyed me.” Chief exec Liz Evans wrote in an email titled “Strictly private and confidential – Notice of security incident” sent to users yesterday: Read more on The Register while I go shake my head and mutter, “No, you don’t get to do invoke confidentiality for a breach notice.” I wonder if they ever heard of “The Streisand Effect.” h/t @zackwhittakerDataBreaches.netRead More