IOT DAY 2021

IOT DAY 2021
30/03/2021 – 08:44

IOT DAY 2021
We believe that the day is not far off when all people will have some tool, call it a wallet, a router, a phone, a crypto mining device (maybe all of that) that runs all computation locally on that device and gives out only contextual, time-limited and scope-based information; a companion to assist you in educating yourself and others in living together on a small planet that is tumbling about in vast space. In fact, the 1976 novel Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy, describes this tool in her ‘utopia’ of a society combining local bio food and resilient communities running on high tech renewables and distributed ledgers provisioning services. Maybe it was not a utopia but just a vision?
This year IoT Council is looking beyond utopias and distopias, beyond cost-cutting to enabling new ways of human-computing complimentarity.
IoTDay is a collaborative effort. Anyone can join with a meeting, event, dialogue, walk in the park. 
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