BrandPost: Don’t Make This Mistake on the Journey to Passwordless Security

Passwords have been used to gain access to computers since at least 1961, when an operating system at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology implemented the need for login credentials. Over the following decades, as threats have evolved, there have been seesaw-like reactions to adapting password tactics.“In response to how criminals have changed their attack methods, we have encrypted passwords with ever stronger algorithms, hashed and salted them,” says Wolfgang Goerlich, Advisory CISO, Duo Security at Cisco.Yet, the attacks continue to become more sophisticated to get around these measures. Meanwhile, employees are still using use weak logins like “12345” or “password,” and store their credentials on their desktops. In addition, many users often forget them, which is why password-reset requests are among the most common IT help desk tickets.To read this article in full, please click hereCSO OnlineRead More