BrandPost: Trusting Your Security Vendor in an Evolving Threat Landscape

Digital innovations have not only transformed networks but have also contributed to the expansion of the threat landscape. New business demands mean an influx of new devices geared towards filling that need and improving a company’s efficiency and customer experience. However, newly deployed devices add to the complexity of network environments and create new security and operational complexities that open up an organization to new cyber risks.The most effective security infrastructure is one that converges network and security at all edges – LAN, WAN like SD-WAN, 5G, OT, data center and cloud – to address these risks without impacting performance or productivity within an organization. All this while still ensuring the best user experience for employees and customers alike. Trust between an organization and its security provider is essential so that security teams can be confident that security spans everywhere, protecting all devices, people and edges.  To read this article in full, please click hereCSO OnlineRead More