Doom 3 for PSVR is a solid showcase for Sony’s Aim Controller

Doom 3 has a long history with VR, so it’s a little surprising that this week’s PlayStation VR release is the first version ever to go on sale. Almost nine years ago, we visited Id Software luminary John Carmack to see his duct-taped prototype “Oculus Rift” headset for the first time, and Doom 3 was the game he used to show it off.
Carmack later moved to Oculus, of course, and Id never put out an official Doom 3 VR release until now. That said, it’s not like you haven’t been able to play Doom 3 in VR before — the game is open source, and there are various third-party mods available, including a recent port to the Oculus Quest. So why is Doom 3: VR Edition only landing now as a PS4 exclusive?
After playing it for a while, I think I have…

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