This Nvidia RTX 4090 video wins 2021’s best April Fools’ joke

The joke RTX 4090 card. | Captain’s WorkspaceApril Fools’ Day jokes are usually lame and lack any real effort, but 20-year-old Kasper Andersen has risen to the occasion for 2021 to deliver Nvidia’s RTX 4090. The Danish hardware enthusiast loves to create homemade replicas of retro graphics cards, but his latest RTX 4090 project imagines a future where Nvidia’s card uses 1,000 watts of power, has a 12-fan design, and includes 48GB of VRAM.
The video is a work of art, with subtle details like two power cords, RGB lighting, or the ridiculous GPU benchmarking tool that records more than 23,000 frames per second. My personal favorite is when the whole PC powers on and the desk starts wobbling, a Pepsi Max can tumbles by, and then the test rig swings around by itself and crashes into the…

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