Felipe Fonseca: Waste prevention in smart cities

Felipe Fonseca: Waste prevention in smart cities
5/04/2021 – 11:40

Waste prevention in smart cities
TL;DR: my research is creating ways to promote the reuse of materials in urban contexts. I am organising an online co-design lab in April 2021. If you are reading this, chances are you have something to contribute to the lab. Please sign up below to participate in one or more virtual workshops. You can also subscribe to receive updates via e-mail or use the same form to contact me. Additionally, refer to my research website to learn more about this activity and the wider research context it relates tog.
Felipe Fonseca: I am investigating how digital technologies can significantly reduce waste in urban contexts, by promoting the reuse of materials. My specific focus is on practices of repair, upcycling and re-circulation, seeking economic as well as social and environmental outcomes locally. This is all part of my PhD research in an EU-funded doctoral programme called OpenDoTT. You can find more information about it in my research blog.

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