Cyber Security Training for Beginners -Jobs, Certifications & Salaries

This “Cyber security training for beginners” course covers the most important and essential topics of cybersecurity industry. It discusses the cyber security salary, certifications, and career paths. It also explores the strategy to get into cyber security.

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00:00 – Cybersecurity course intro
01:17 – Channel Promo
01:22 – The Foundation of cyber security
10:47 – What is cyber security? And, how is it different than ethical hacking
17:10 – Cybersecurity Types & Technologies
24:48 – Cyber Security Jobs, Certifications & Salaries
33:43 – Top cybersecurity skills
43:16 – How to Secure an Entry Level Cybersecurity Job
57:57 – End Note
58:41 – Channel Outro

See the 5 Top Cybersecurity Career Paths & Certifications:

Here is the link to the NICE framework: 👇 will help you to find the relevant cybersecurity career paths, and you can also learn about cybersecurity jobs and salaries.

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