Sekurak blog interviewed Babuk about Metropolitan DC Police attack

A blogger from Sekurak (a Polish blog) conducted a great interview with Babuk yesterday.  You can read the write-up here.  Here’s a snippet from it: sekurak : How did you get to the police infrastructure in Washington? Babuk : 0-day VPN. We can’t say anything else, it’s 0-day after all. sekurak : When did the Washington Police realize that Babuk had access to the Internet? Babuk : They figured it out too late, after we stole the data. sekurak : Did you steal the data from the Washington Police, or did you also encrypt it? Babuk : We didn’t encrypt all 6,000 hosts because we didn’t want the police to be able to work. We request payment for non-publication of data. If we wanted to encrypt the data of the metropolitan police, we would simply encrypt it. Read more on Sekurak.DataBreaches.netRead More