Yesterday’s Sewer ‘Explosion’ a Cyber Attack

The eruption of sewage at yesterday’s campaign rally for Mayor Arrington was caused by an attack on components of the city’s sewer control system according to Eric Schlamm, the director for the Delanao WWTP. “We have determined that someone commanded the pumps at two separate throttle pipes to turn on and remain on, creating an overpressure situation in the interceptor tube that ran beneath the park where the rally was being held, Schlamm told reporters this morning. Investigators from the National Critical Infrastructure Security Operations Center (CI-SOC) have confirmed that they have been assisting the City in its investigation of the incident. “We have been able to document the changes in the programming for the pumps,” Gen. Turgidson, CI-SOC Director told reporters over a morning conference call; “But this was a more sophisticated than just that, the pressure sensors in the system were also attacked, this effectively bypassed the safety interlocks on the pumps that allowed the system to be over pressured.” A spokesman for Mayor Arrington’s office confirmed that the Mayor had been released from the hospital overnight after being treated for scrapes and abrasions she received as she tried to help some of her supporters that had been felled by the flow of sewage. “The doctors have her on a prophylactic regime of antibiotics because of her exposure to the sewage and her open wounds.” Delano Police Chief, S. James Butts, told reporters that almost one hundred people at the rally were decontaminated and treated on site for minor injuries related to the incident. Those with open wounds were sent to local emergency rooms as a precautionary measure. “This was a discharge from a combined sewer system, so we were concerned about both biological and chemical exposure issues,” he explained. The Federal Bureau of Inquiry is involved in the investigation of the incident. “We are involved for two reasons,” Johnathan Quest, an FBI spokesman, told reporters, “First the sewer system is part of a federally regulated waste-water treatment system and attacks on that are a federal crime. Second, since this was an apparent attack on a political gathering, we are concerned that there might be a terror nexus involved.” CAUTIONARY NOTE: This is a future news story –Future ICS Security NewsRead More