Anti-ransomware biz ExaGrid ‘paid $2.6m ransomware demand’

Chris Mellor reports: Computer storage supplier ExaGrid has attempted to downplay a report that it paid nearly $3m to criminals who infected its corporate network with ransomware. ExaGrid supplies backup disk storage equipment that features so-called retention time-lock technology with immutable deduplication objects. This is supposed to thwart ransomware attacks in which malware infects not just an organization’s primary storage but also backup appliances, encrypts file systems, and demands a payment to unscramble that data. On Monday it was reported ExaGrid had been hit by the Conti ransomware gang, and not only was 800GB of confidential internal information – including client and personnel records, contracts, and source code – encrypted but also the crooks exfiltrated the data and demanded millions of dollars to keep it secret. In response to this news, ExaGrid CEO and President Bill Andrews told Blocks & Files: “As you know anyone can create and write anything they want these days and publish it. There is not much we can do about that. ExaGrid is fully operational and it is business as usual.” Read more on Blocks & Files.DataBreaches.netRead More