Inside Kissinger’s secret trip to China – podcasts of the week

The Guardian’s Vincent Ni tells the story of a clandestine mission in The Documentary. Plus: more My Dad Wrote a Porno, and a bingeable, ballet-themed mysteryThe Documentary: When Kissinger went to China (from 12 Jun)The Guardian’s China affairs correspondent Vincent Ni hosts this episode of the podcast/radio show from the BBC World Service. We open with Henry Kissinger’s 1971 trip to meet then-Chinese PM Zhou Enlai, a secret cold war-era mission to forge new connections after two decades with no contact. How did this clandestine trip change the course of history – and why did relations later deteriorate once again? The likes of historian Neil Ferguson explain, in a smart, generation-spanning show. Hannah J DaviesMy Dad Wrote a PornoMore ribald, reckless adventures in the company of hosts Jamie, James and Alice, and – of course – Jamie’s dad’s truly unsexy erotic fiction, as the hit show continues its sixth run. As it continues to unfold, expect more unfathomable tales from the world of sales girl Belinda, complete with terrible accents, burgeoning breasts, unprintable bodily fluids, and the strangest of details (a recent episode saw the trio try to figure out the logic behind a cocktail “served with a fish finger garnish”). HJD Continue reading…Technology | The GuardianRead More