Ovidiu Vermesan: IoT and Edge Computing in Horizon Europe

Ovidiu Vermesan: IoT and Edge Computing in Horizon Europe
19/06/2021 – 10:51

“Under the new Horizon Europe programme’s Cluster 4, Destination 3, Group “From Cloud to Edge to IoT”, a strategic European vision for the Next-Generation IoT and Edge Computing with a market window of more than 5 years will be supported. The 2021-22 Work Programme of Horizon Europe was launched on 16 June 2021.
Recent developments in sensor networks, cyber-physical systems, and the ubiquity of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have fuelled data growth on an enormous scale, in industries such as agriculture, automotive, energy, ICT, manufacturing and more.
During the Next-Generation IoT and Edge Computing Strategy Forum on 22 April 2021, European industrial actors stressed that Edge computing is the logical evolution of the dominant cloud computing model, avoiding the transfer of mission critical data to the cloud, supporting resilience, real time operations, decentralised intelligence, security, and privacy protection while at the same time reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint. In edge computing, the processing moves from a centralised point, closer to (or even into) the IoT device itself, the ‘edge’ or periphery of the network. There is a particular opportunity for Europe at the intersection of the cloud ICT world and the operational world, because Europe is strong in the operational world.
IoT edge is expanding and becoming increasingly intelligent and diversified. The IoT intelligence edge push for the creation of SW/WH solutions that disrupt the existing edge to cloud architectures and the emergence of IoT edge granularity.”

https://ec.europa.eu/info/funding-tenders/opportunities/docs/2021-2027/horizon/wp-call/2021-2022/wp-7-digital-industry-and-space_horizon-2021-2022_en…IoT Council – What the Internet of Things means for societyRead More