OSED Review – Offensive Security Exploit Developer

My “ROP Ripper” Python script: https://gist.github.com/JohnHammond/23d04ed8614192453e80f97d301e38d3
My “Stack String” Python script: https://gist.github.com/JohnHammond/f78a9d878585bad232cba060c1d79623

00:00 Introduction
00:27 What is OSED?
02:30 OSED is newest in the OSCE(3) trio
04:49 What I’ll do in this video
05:48 My course timeline
07:38 I was really nervous for the exam
08:19 Clip from the OffSec AMA Webinar
11:09 OSCE(3) Email
12:18 Thoughts on the Course
13:50 Amp up WinDbg
14:45 Take notes (Showcasing my notes)
15:13 Stage and prepare your tools
17:15 Automate the simple stuff
18:30 Join the Offensive Security Discord
19:02 Exam time / Thoughts on the Exam
20:52 The exam report
22:58 Starting questions that you asked me
24:22 “What automation, if any, did you use?”
25:26 “Were the challenges enough to prepare you for the exam?”
26:07 “Any tips/tricks for finding ROP gadgets with Mona?”
28:40 “How is this in comparison to other courses?”
31:30 “Is cert ABC worth it, or should I jump to cert XYZ??”
32:40 “How approachable is this for someone with moderate experience?”
35:20 “What can we do prepare for OSED?”
36:51 “How in-depth is the shellcoding section?”
38:58 “Were there exploits that were already public/known?”
39:30 “What are some recommendations for practicing?”
41:38 “What would you consider to be the most difficult in OSCE(3)?”
43:55 “Can a student fresh out of college do this?”
44:30 “What did you feel was the most challenging?”
47:12 “What was the main thing that kept you running for this?”
50:27 “How good is the content from a learning perspective compared to OSEP?”
52:36 “What would be a pathway from OSCP to OSEP?”
52:50 “Why did you choose to do this course?”
55:49 Outro

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