JP: Japan Airport Refueling Co. discloses ransomware incident; refueling work not impacted

Security NEXT reports that Japan Airport Refueling, which provides aircraft refueling services, experienced a ransomware attack.  A machine translation of the report says, in part, that the company’s internal network failed in the early morning of June 21. Investigation confirmed that it was  a ransomware attack, and the company received a ransom demand to decrypt data on the server, but there seemed to be no mention that any data was exfiltrated. Details as to the type of ransomware and types of data potentially compromised were not disclosed. Importantly, the company reports that the attack “has not affected our refueling work, and our business, including other related work, is being conducted as usual.” Read more on Security NEXT. Their reporting is based on a press release by JAFS which appears at the bottom of their web site homepage.  DataBreaches.netRead More