Water Park Incident Caused by Hackers

Yesterday’s incident at the Delano Water Follies waterpark which injured 100 and killed two, was caused when large amounts of muriatic acid and bleach were added to the large wading pool at the same time. The chemical reaction between the two water treating chemicals produced a cloud of chlorine gas and heated the water in the pool to dangerous temperatures. Now there are unconfirmed reports that someone gained control of the water treatment system to deliberately cause the incident. Esther William, the Water Follies manager, confirmed that the injuries at the park yesterday were caused by the mixing of the two chemicals. “We do not use that particular charging system during the times the park is open to avoid this type of problem, but we never expected anyone to add the amount of these two chemicals that were added yesterday,” Esther explained to reporters. A maintenance worker who was not allowed to talk to the press, told me that there were over 2,000-lbs of muriatic acid added from a totebin and almost twice that much bleach from the large on-site storage tank. “That is two days of chemical use for the park added to the one pool in less than 30 minutes,” he explained. Williams refused to comment on the possibility of hackers being involved, but a team from Dragonfire Cyber, a team known to work with the National Critical Infrastructure Security Operations Center (CI-SOC), was seen moving around the park today. Johnathan Quest, spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Inquiry, confirmed that the agency was working with CI-SOC on the investigation of the incident. “We have not yet confirmed that it was a cyberattack,” Quest said, “But our investigators looking at the security videos from the site did not see anyone in the vicinity of the manual valves that would have to have been manipulated for a physical attack at the time of the incident.” CAUTIONARY NOTE: This is a future news story –Future ICS Security NewsRead More