The ‘Future of Digital Manufacturing #FODM2021’ webinar

The ‘Future of Digital Manufacturing #FODM2021’ webinar
21/07/2021 – 10:25

The ‘Future of Digital Manufacturing #FODM2021’ webinar is being organized with the objective to know how important it is to find new ways of production models, which will in turn revolutionize Digital Manufacturing, as consumerism is continually developing and is creating an impact on all kinds of industries.
The session is organised to gain insights about how the “Industries 4.0 Revolution” is having a significant impact on various industries/companies. Through being a Media Partner, you will link your company/organization to a unique global network of these thinkers, leaders and doers.
Our Webinar Highlights include:

1. More than 7 Knowledge sessions consisting of interesting panel discussions.
2. Gathering of Industry’s top leaders, experienced Solution Providers to discuss the upcoming innovations in Artificial Intelligence & Analytics for Financial Institutions.
3. More than 250 attendees, including Top-level Administrators and Senior Officials.
With Keynote Speakers joining from :

1. Brad Young : Vice President – Global Sourcing, Manufacturing, & Operations at Staples, Inc.
2. Mark Henning : Director Schneider Digital – Manufacturing & Operations, Schneider Electric.
3. Raj Batra : President, Digital Industries, Siemens Corporation.

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