22 Levels of Cardistry: Easy to Complex | WIRED

Cardistry pioneers Dan and Dave Buck explain cardistry in 22 levels of difficulty. From a foundational Z-Grip to complicated cuts like the Leno, watch how these two card innovators demonstrate and break down everything that goes into the art of card handling.

To learn more about Dan and Dave and the art of Cardistry follow @bucktwins on Instagram. Shop for premium playing cards at http://www.artofplay.com.
Archival footage of Dan and Dave, courtesy of Dan and Dave Buck
Hit the Road by Paul Wilson and Lee Asher, courtesy of Murphy’s Magic Supplies
A special thanks to the other cardistry experts for additional footage:
Tobias Levin & Nikolaj Honoré from Anyone Worldwide
Sean Oulashin
Shivraj Morzaria
Lars Mayrand
Manuela Rud
Kevin Ho
Kyle Tran

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