Michele Nati: From top-down ecosystems to collaborative ones

Michele Nati: From top-down ecosystems to collaborative ones
7/09/2021 – 15:36

From top-down ecosystems to collaborative ones
Combined Session
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 14:30—14:50
Traditional identity and access management solutions built so far on the trust for selected identity providers and their adoption from an ecosystem of identity owners and identity verifiers. The decentralized identity paradigm is disrupting these ecosystems and required more democratic collaboration and competition among a number of identity and credential issuers, identity owners, and verifiers selecting and using them. This requires not only to design and implement new technologies but also to identify new business opportunities and business models. Collaboration, experimentation, and evaluation are the road to adoption, and the EU collaborative H2020 research and innovation framework offers the opportunity to de-risk such collaborations, in favor of innovation.
This talk will present the activities and lessons from three EU collaborations, CityExhcange, ENSURESEC and ORCHRESTRA, generating innovation with the adoption of decentralized identities for individuals, things, and organizations among complex stakeholders ecosystems in the smart energy, e-commerce, and smart transport domains.

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