Hackers Hijack Russian Government Website, Prompts Ponzi Bitcoin Scheme

Bitcoinik reports: When it comes to Bitcoin and crypto, most people see it as a strange & unique way to make money without any hard work. Even people will do small online tasks to make money for free crypto assets, so usually hackers try to catch the victim through attractive offers to make money with very small efforts. According to a report of the local Russian news outlet Izvestia, a few hackers, which are not identified yet, hacked the Russian official government website. And they started to promote Ponzi Bitcoin free giveaway promotion. Read more on Bitcoinik. These allegations have not been confirmed as of the time of this posting. Although the news site mentioned in the report posted screencaps of the promotions, at the end of their story, they note (machine translation): “At the moment, all messages have already been deleted.”DataBreaches.netRead More