DEF CON 29 Cloud Village – Joshua – Understanding Google Cloud Misconfiguration Using GCP Goat

As organisations workflows move into the cloud we see a wider adoption of cloud based platforms like Google Cloud (GCP). While cloud based platforms offer a higher level of scalability critical aspects into security can fall to the sidelines. With cybersecurity attacks on the rise in the cloud space (Gitlab-blog, Rhino-security-blog) we have to make sure all our applications hosted on cloud infrastructure like GCP are kept safe. The talk starts with the common service misconfiguration like open buckets and moves to advanced and GCP specific services like, gcloud container registry. This talk not only covers the offensive side but also covers the defensive side where the audience will see demonstration of how those vulnerabilities can be mitigated. GCP Goat is an intentionally vulnerable project which consists of common misconfiguration in the Google Cloud that is open source for the audience to test their newly learned information after the talk. By the end of the talk the audience will have a better understanding of the common threat surface on GCP and How they can mitigate it. The talk starts with Introduction about the GCP goat and how we can deploy it(5 mins)DEFCONConferenceRead More