Kali Linux 2021.3 Release (OpenSSL, Kali-Tools, Kali Live VM Support, Kali NetHunter Smartwatch)

Today we have released the newest version of Kali Linux, 2021.3 (quarter #3), which is now ready for download or updating.
A summary of the changes since the 2021.2 release from June are:
OpenSSL – Wide compatibility by default – Keep reading for what that means New Kali-Tools site – Following the footsteps of Kali-Docs, Kali-Tools has had a complete refresh Better VM support in the Live image session – Copy & paste and drag & drop from your machine into a Kali VM by default New tools – From adversary emulation, to subdomain takeover to Wi-Fi attacks Kali NetHunter smartwatch – first of its kind, for TicHunter Pro KDE 5.Kali LinuxRead More