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Active and passive monitoring key to addressing industrial IoT security challenges

Cybersecurity company Tripwire recently released a report looking at the security of connected devices in industrial environments. According to the


Garland Technology delivers network integrity with unidirectional Data Diode TAPs

Critical infrastructure company Garland Technology revealed that its Data Diode TAPs (test access points) device allows raw data to travel


Major US fuel pipeline, Colonial Pipeline, suffers disruption, following cybersecurity attack

The Colonial Pipeline announced Friday that it had fallen victim to a cybersecurity attack, critically affecting its operations that transport


BadAlloc vulnerabilities wreck havoc in IoT, OT devices in industrial, medical, enterprise networks

Following the disclosure by Microsoft’s IoT security research group of the presence of BadAlloc vulnerabilities in IoT and operational technology


Kritikus infrastruktúra védelme az ellátási láncban hordozott veszélyektől

A Critical Security for Critical Assets World (CS4CA) 2021 virtuális konferencián Dr. Tim Nedyalkov az SNC- Lavalin vállalat képviseletében fontos gondolatokat fogalmazott meg a kritikus infrastruktúra, valamint az ellátási lánc biztonságának összefüggéseiről, azok egymáshoz való viszonyával és az ellátási láncban hordozott kockázatokkal kapcsolatban.


Protecting critical infrastructure supply chain security from cyber attacks

With increasing IT/OT convergence, supply chain security is emerging to be a highly complex and evolving function for critical infrastructure


Artificial Intelligence will also play a role in the defense of OT environments

OT environments will increasingly use artificial intelligence, which will also help them counter security attacks amidst a human skills shortage


New Forescout platform offers maritime operators device visibility, advanced threat detection

Cybersecurity company Forescout Technologies announced a new platform that provides maritime operators with complete device visibility and advanced threat detection


New legislation to boost America’s electric grid security, support cyber tech

A group of US senators have come together to introduce bipartisan legislation that will boost electric grid security by incentivizing


Trend Micro debuts TXOne StellarProtect industrial-grade endpoint protection for ICS devices

Trend Micro released on Monday its TXOne StellarProtect, an all-terrain endpoint protection defensive solution, custom-engineered for operational technology (OT) environments.


INSA sets up critical infrastructure subcommittee to secure essential networks

The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) last week launched its critical infrastructure subcommittee to examine cyber threats to this


Pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer discussed cybersecurity amidst vaccine rollout

Security has never been more important for pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer. Millions around the world are depending on the company for


Megjelent az áprilisi ICS Security Feed

Az egyik legismertebb magyar IT biztonsági cég gondozásában immár ötödik alkalommal jelent meg az ICS Security Feed. A kicsivel több, mint 15 oldalas tájékoztató összefoglalja az elmúlt hónap eseményeit, tájékoztatást ad az időközben kiadott sérülékenységekről, illetve segít tájékozódni a következő időszak ICS tematikájú konferenciái között is.


EPA pumps in funds to revitalize water infrastructure, adopt new cybersecurity approaches

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released this week its 2021 notice of funding available to implement newer approaches including


NSA issues new guidelines to enhance security of operational technology, control systems cybersecurity

The National Security Agency (NSA) has released guidelines and an evaluation methodology, to improve operational technologies (OT) and control systems


US lawmakers introduce two bills to improve cybersecurity shields for critical infrastructure

Two key bills have been introduced to improve U.S. cybersecurity shields, as the nation bolsters its critical infrastructure sector, which


Healthcare organizations must choose zero-trust architecture, says Cynerio

New research from Cynerio finds that healthcare organizations must adopt zero-trust architecture to better defend their networks, systems, and devices


Personal employee information stolen in Gyrodata ransomware attack

Oil drilling services company Gyrodata has been hit by a data security incident after an unauthorized hacker was able to


US reveals that Russian SVR cyber hackers used various exploitation techniques over the years

U.S. intelligence agencies revealed on Monday that Russian SVR cyber hackers used a range of initial exploitation techniques varying in


LOGIIC program completes Project 12 testing to review and study cybersecurity issues

The LOGIIC (Linking the Oil and Gas Industry to Improve Cybersecurity) program has completed Project 12 testing for safety instrumentation


Claroty adds infrastructure for AFL fuzzer into OpENer EtherNet/IP stack

Researchers from industrial cybersecurity firm Claroty announced that it added necessary infrastructure to incorporate the AFL (American Fuzzy Lop) fuzzer


Critical infrastructure, government agencies affected by Pulse Connect Secure exploitation

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued an Emergency Directive (ED) 21-03 directing federal agencies to enumerate all


Critical security vulnerabilities identified in firmware from Rockwell, Siemens, Hitachi ABB

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a number of advisories this week covering critical security vulnerabilities affecting products


US modernizing cybersecurity defenses to protect critical electric infrastructure

The U.S. government announced on Tuesday a 100-day plan that will modernize critical electric infrastructure using cybersecurity defenses with aggressive