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Chip shortage set to continue through 2022, Google announces Topics browser tracking

In today’s news, the US Department of Commerce says chip shortages will continue until at least the second half of


Kiosk BREAKOUT – Web Browser to Command Prompt (Easy Mode)

Setting up the Kiosk in “Easy Mode” (FrontFace Lockdown tool): For more content, subscribe on Twitch! If you


2023 Toyota Sequoia debuts twin-turbo hybrid V6, bold new look

Toyota’s full-size 2023 Sequoia SUV ditches its V8 in favor of a more powerful 437-horsepower, twin-turbo i-Force Max V6 hybrid.All


What Happens to Your Data After You Die? | WIRED

What happens to our digital data after we die? Futurist Sinead Bovell explores the emerging space known as the digital


Google sued over location data, Meta builds AI supercomputer

In today’s top stories, Google is being sued by multiple states over how it handles location data. Also, Meta says


Kiosk BUILD – “Easy Mode” / FrontFace Lockdown

Installing Windows 11 in a Virtual Machine: For more content, subscribe on Twitch! If you would like to


Past as Prologue: What Users Can Except with 2022 Cyber Threats

Following Black Hat Webinar “The Unbelievable Insecurity of the Big Data Stack: An Offensive Approach to Analyzing Huge and Complex


2022 Ford Bronco Raptor: More macho, less retro

This 4×4 SUV is a desert race truck for the street, and it’s loaded with surprising tech.All CNET Video Podcasts


2022 Ford Bronco Raptor: Easter Eggs and surprise features

This hardcore 4×4 SUV is decked out with clever engineering and hidden delights.All CNET Video Podcasts (video)Read More


Vaccine mandate blocked, Apple Education verification removed

In today’s top stories, a judge blocked the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate, Apple removed a verification step for discounted products