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Cisco Reports Third Quarter Earnings

Cisco reported third quarter revenue of $12.8 billion.More RSS Feeds: Newsroom: SecurityRead More


Hey, Where’s My (Autonomous) Car?

Why addressing supply chain autonomy first will drive remarkable autonomous vehicle opportunities in the future.Blog | Dell TechnologiesRead More


Global Retailer Gets Flexibility for Less Investment

A global retailer moves to APEX Flex on Demand infrastructure, improving budget power and business outcomes with a consumption-based IT


Pwn2Own hacking schedule released – Windows and Linux are top targets

What’s better? Disclose early, patch fast? Or dig deep, disclose in full, patch more slowly?Naked SecurityRead More


Critical Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Jupiter and JupiterX Premium Themes

On April 5, 2022, the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team initiated the responsible disclosure process for a set of vulnerabilities in


#ALHACK: Bad ALAC- one codec to hack the whole world

Research by: Slava Makkaveev, Netanel Ben Simon Introduction The Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) is an audio coding format developed


Why is everyone getting hacked on Facebook?

If your social media networks are anything like mine, you’ve noticed an uptick in people getting “hacked” lately. Maybe you’ve


Better Ways to Cool Your PowerEdge Servers

Get to know more about Dell’s latest Smart Cooling technologies.Blog | Dell TechnologiesRead More


Predicting and Preventing Unhappy Customers Using AI

Explore a machine learning product that’s improving customer experience inside Dell Technologies.Blog | Dell TechnologiesRead More


HCI Customers Have Spoken- and Choose VxRail and PowerFlex

Dell Technologies named a Customers’ Choice for HCI in Gartner® Peer Insights™.Blog | Dell TechnologiesRead More


4 Steps to Prepare for Open Enrollment: Ready for Take Off?

Preparing for open enrollment is a key part of running efficient healthcare organizations, but it’s difficult to know where to


Apple patches zero-day kernel hole and much more – update now!

You’ll find fixes for numerous kernel-level code execution holes, including an 0-day vulnerability in many (though not all) versions.Naked SecurityRead


Making a successful transition to a hybrid work schedule

As Covid-19 pandemic restrictions have eased, employers are adjusting their work-from-home policies. Some companies, including Airbnb, have doubled down and


Developers experience enterprise-ready cloud-native solutions for app security, monitoring, and lifecycle management

Join Cisco at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 where the Emerging Technologies & Incubation team will be meeting with modern


Millions of Attacks Target Tatsu Builder Plugin

The Wordfence Threat Intelligence team has been tracking a large-scale attack against a Remote Code Execution vulnerability in Tatsu Builder,


Revocation Reason Codes for TLS Server Certificates

In our continued efforts to improve the security of the web PKI, we are taking a multi-pronged approach to tackling


16th May – Threat Intelligence Report

For the latest discoveries in cyber research for the week of 16th May, please download our Threat Intelligence Bulletin. Top


Rise of Data-Centric Computing with Computational Storage

Computational Storage is the next step in data-centric computing in the evolution from data storage systems to data-aware systems.Blog |


Fake Mobile Apps Steal Facebook Credentials, Cryptocurrency-Related Keys

We recently observed a number of apps on Google Play designed to perform malicious activities such as stealing user credentials


Gaining a Competitive Industry Edge with as-a-Service Offerings

Learn how APEX as-a-service solutions gives industries the ability to rapidly flex and surge, allowing them to meet their competitive


Google announces new security and privacy improvements at Google I/O

Last week, Google held its annual developer conference, Google I/O, and discussed new products and services that they plan to


Firefox out-of-band update to 100.0.1 – just in time for Pwn2Own?

A new point-release of Firefox. Not unusual, but the timing of this one is interesting, with Pwn2Own coming up in


Sandstone CTO shares how to assess cyber risk in the cloud

Chaitanya Pinnamanemi discusses how visibility and prioritization are key to securing your digital attack surface and reducing cyber risk.Trend Micro


Show off your NFT on Instagram

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in a Facebook post this week that Instagram is testing digital collectibles so users can


Advance Sustainability with Data Confidence at the Edge

Explore how Dell Technologies uses Data Confidence Fabric for real-time carbon credit verification.Blog | Dell TechnologiesRead More


He cracked passwords for a living – now he’s serving 4 years in prison

Crooks don’t need a password for every user on your network to break in and wreak havoc. One could be


Dell Servers Turn in Top Performances on Machine Learning Benchmarks

See how Dell PowerEdge servers stack up against the competition in the MLPerf Inference v2.0 benchmarks in a variety of


Detecting Malicious JavaScript with Enterprise Threat Protector Secure Web Gateway

JavaScript is everywhere, and when malicious can be hugely detrimental. In this blog, learn about the types of malicious JavaScript


Bangladesh swallowing a Bitter pill as trojan virus attacks Government Entities

Cisco Talos research looks at the impact of Bitter ATP’s latest hack More RSS Feeds: Newsroom: SecurityRead More


Bangladesh swallowing a Bitter pill as trojan virus attacks Government Entities

Cisco Talos research looks at the impact of Bitter ATP’s latest hack More RSS Feeds: Newsroom: Feature ArticlesRead More


S3 Ep82: Bugs, bugs, bugs (and Colonial Pipeline again) [Podcast]

Latest episode – lots to learn – plain English – fun with a serious side – listen now!Naked SecurityRead More


Serious Security: Learning from curl’s latest bug update

Learn how to write plain-speaking and purposeful security advisories from one of the most widely-used open source tools in the


Transformation of Reliability Engineering to Platform Engineers

Digital transformation involves many things, including cultural change. The Dell Digital Integration team’s journey is one to showcase.Blog | Dell


How to Cover 6 Core Areas of PCI Compliance with Armis and Akamai

The joint security solution from Akamai Guardicore Segmentation and Armis supports PCI compliance requirements to protect consumer data across entire


Driving Competitive Advantage with Resilient Infrastructure

Businesses need to be “always on”. The rise in cybercrime is forcing IT to look more closely at their infrastructure’s


The real exchange rate between crypto and freedom

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital art (including, I proudly admit, my own) are offering people the chance to tell their


The Difference Between Virtual Machines and Containers

Discover the key differences, use cases, and benefits of virtual machines and containers.Trend Micro Research, News and PerspectivesRead More


S4x22: ICS Security Creates the Future

The ICS Security Event S4 was held for the first time in two years, bringing together more than 800 business


Ransomversary : Wannacry’s 5th Anniversary Special and The Evolution of Ransomware

Five years ago today, the world witnessed the most destructive ransomware attack ever. Its name was Wannacry, and it changed


Which phishing scams are trending in 2022?

With more people looking to cash in on hype surrounding the cryptocurrency market than ever before and an increasing digital


Adding Guardrails To A Cloud Account After The Fact

This article outlines a priority checklist of which guardrails need to be applied to an existing cloud account. Answering questions


How privacy became mission critical

A Cisco webinar spotlights the importance of secure, trusted, data flows. More RSS Feeds: Newsroom: Feature ArticlesRead More


RPC Runtime, Take Two: Discovering a New Vulnerability

Patching and bug hunting is a cyclical process. See part two of our Patch Tuesday RPC Runtime research, updated for


Release of Technical Report into the AMD Security Processor

Posted by James Forshaw, Google Project Zero Today, members of Project Zero and the Google Cloud security team are releasing


Security Above and Beyond CNAPPs

How Trend Micro’s unified cybersecurity platform is transforming cloud securityTrend Micro Research, News and PerspectivesRead More


Colonial Pipeline facing $1,000,000 fine for poor recovery plans

How good is your cybersecurity? Are you making the same mistakes as lots of other people? Here’s some real-life advice…Naked


Cyber Resiliency: Protecting Critical Data to Protect Your Business

The rise in volume – and value – of data makes it a prime target for cyberattackers. It’s a critical


Designing a Winning Containers as a Service Portfolio

Cloud Service Providers can extend their portfolio fast and easily with a top CaaS offering using Dell Kubernetes for CSPs


New Intelligent Storage Software Supercharges DevOps Velocity

Automation and AIOps for improving app developer and IT productivity.Blog | Dell TechnologiesRead More


Crypto romance scams steal victims’ life savings

Seth* was almost 30 when he started to date for the first time. He’d married his high school sweetheart just


How retailers are making the connection with electric vehicle drivers at charging stations

Cisco is helping companies to improve the charging experience for electric vehicle drivers.More RSS Feeds: Newsroom: Feature ArticlesRead More


Safe access is key for girls In ICT

Raising visibility for what young women need to succeed in STEM careersMore RSS Feeds: Newsroom: Feature ArticlesRead More


RubyGems supply chain rip-and-replace bug fixed – check your logs!

Imagine if you could assume the identity of, say, Franklin Delano Roosevelt simply by showing up and calling yourself “Frank”.Naked


Protecting Your Healthcare Organization During Uncertain Times

Explore three ways healthcare organizations can boost cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, and ransomware protection to prepare for potential cyber threats.BlogRead More


Algorithmic Trading Success: “Hand Off to the Machine”

Combining benchmarked high-performance storage with information and the human element for business advantage.Blog | Dell TechnologiesRead More


9th May – Threat Intelligence Report

For the latest discoveries in cyber research for the week of 9th May, please download our Threat Intelligence Bulletin. Top


You didn’t leave enough space between ROSE and AND, and AND and CROWN

What weird Google Docs bug connects the words THEREFORE, AND, SECONDLY, WHY, BUT and BESIDES?Naked SecurityRead More


Biometrics: Powerful, but if handled improperly, very dangerous.

How do you prove that you are who you say you are? That’s the fundamental question underpinning so much of


Deepfake threats: Risk of false electronic evidence, extortion

In the first report produced through the Observatory function of the Europol Innovation Lab, Europol warns that the threats posed


Cisco Releases Its Cloud Controls Framework To The Public, Making Security Certification Ever More Accessible

Cisco is pleased to release the Cisco Cloud Controls Framework (CCF) to the public. The Cisco CCF is a comprehensive


NetDooka Framework Distributed via PrivateLoader Malware as Part of Pay-Per-Install Service

This report focuses on the components and infection chain ⁠of the NetDooka framework. Its scope ranges from the release of


Inside Russia’s Biggest Ransomware Operation

The Conti group tallied over 700 victims, including many multi-million-dollar corporate, government and healthcare organizations. Then, in their most publicized


Phishing Is Still a Security Challenge

Phishing is not a new security problem. In fact, it?s been around since the earliest days of email when most


Multi-factor authentication: Busting a handful of common myths

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is probably one of the best ways to secure your computing environment. ENRead More


World Password Day – the 1960s just called and gave you your passwords back

Yes, passwords are going away. No, it won’t happen tomorrow. So it’s still worth knowing the basics of picking proper


Workshop: Simplifying Network Security in the Cloud

In this workshop, you will learn how to leverage Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Network Security to provide a powerful


Creating a predictive network for the human mind

How AI and machine learning will enable the network to learn, plan, and predict for the future. More RSS Feeds:


Android monthly updates are out – critical bugs found in critical places!

Android May 2022 updates are out – with some critical fixes in some critical places. Learn more…Naked SecurityRead More


An Attack Surface Workout for Web Application and API Attacks

WAF Attacks have been increasing dramatically over the last 9 months. These attacks cut across industries, geos and customers. Growth


Meet Limor Sinay: Director of Solutions Engineering

When companies are open to innovation and ongoing growth, technology is able to thrive. As the director of solutions engineering,


Allowing too many exceptions leaves you wide open to infection

Have you ever allowed some “exceptions” to slip through the cracks, even after your security software warned you that it


How I almost fell for an online rental scam

In April 2011, I’d just turned 24 and was looking for a new spot to live in Brooklyn. I’d been


AvosLocker Ransomware Variant Abuses Driver File to Disable Anti-Virus, Scans for Log4shell

We found an AvosLocker ransomware variant using a legitimate anti-virus component to disable detection and blocking solutions.Trend Micro Research, News


Dell Software Innovation Takes Aim At ‘Real-World Problems’

Businesses need to better understand the data they produce and need confidence that their data is secure while gaining those


Powering a more inclusive future in golf

Cisco has entered into an official partnership with the APGA Tour.More RSS Feeds: Newsroom: Feature ArticlesRead More


Firefox hits 100*, fixes bugs… but no new zero-days this month

Despite concerns that some websites might break when Chromium and then Firefox reached version 100, the web still seems to


Three Ways Software-Driven Innovation Powers the Storage Experience

What it takes to stay continuously modern.Blog | Dell TechnologiesRead More


Zero Trust and the Fallacy of Secure Networks

Talking about secure networks is like talking about safe pools. A pool is just a body of water, and if


More transparency from developers is coming to the Google Play Store

We recently highlighted the dangers of some applications that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store onto Android devices.


Some US travel applicants now have to provide their social media account details

For the past several years, millions of foreign visitors and potential immigrants entering the US have divulged the contents of


Here’s how self-help apps violate your privacy, sell your information

The rise of self-help apps has been a boon for those who seek assistance in dealing with issues in their


A Multi-Cloud World, A Healthier, Safer Future

The twin engines of human inspiration and technology innovation drive human progress and improve lives on a global scale.Blog |


More Clouds, No Problem: Simplifying Your Multi-Cloud World

Today’s APEX and multi-cloud announcements simplify IT complexity and extend our ecosystem so you can unlock the power of multi-cloud.Blog


Coming to Clouds Near You: Project Alpine Sneak Preview

See the preview of Dell’s block, file and object storage software running in public cloud at Dell Technologies World 2022.Blog


Mind the Gap: Protect Your Business Against Ransomware

Gain confidence in your recovery with convenient APEX Cyber Recovery Services.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


2nd May – Threat Intelligence Report

For the latest discoveries in cyber research for the week of 2nd May, please download our Threat Intelligence Bulletin. Top


GitHub issues final report on supply-chain source code intrusions

Learn how to find out which apps you’ve given access rights to, and how to revoke those rights immediately in


Data Lakehouses: Delivering the Best of Both Worlds

Learn how data lakehouses will become the predominant data architecture used by businesses in the new era.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead


Multicloud, Multi-CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) Architecture ? A Deceptive Future of the Internet

The last two years stood witness to multiple internet outages that caused massive disruptions across the globe. One prevalent theory


Will Elon Musk follow the rules in his takeover of Twitter?

European Union officials Cedric O and Thierry Breton both mentioned on Twitter that they expect Elon Musk to abide by


Securing Digital Transformation with PowerEdge and VMware

PowerEdge and VMware have the solutions you need to protect your infrastructure and secure your business for the future.Blog –


How Dell IT is Driving Data-as-a-product

Find out how Dell is unlocking the value of our data by partnering with the business to treat data as


This is how Elon Musk can securely achieve his mission of authenticating Twitter users

Elon Musk is set to spend billions of dollars to acquire Twitter and control its destiny. And he’s already making


Platform Update: Build the Future on Akamai

Today, technology is infused into nearly everything we do. The data behind personalized recommendations, connected devices, and wearables has changed


Celebrating World Autism Awareness Month with educational activities and our Autism@IT mentoring project

Avast has been a long-term active supporter of people on the spectrum, and for April – World Autism Awareness Month


Behind the Curtains of the Ransomware Economy – The Victims and the Cybercriminals

Executive Summary In its latest report, Check Point Research (CPR), in cooperation with Kovrr, has looked behind the curtains of


What makes a Great Place to Work in a hybrid world?

Navigating change, prioritizing employee wellbeing, and embracing flexibility lead as differentiators. More RSS Feeds: Newsroom: Feature ArticlesRead More


PHP Object Injection Vulnerability in Booking Calendar Plugin

On April 18, 2022, the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team initiated the responsible disclosure process for an Object Injection vulnerability in


Ransomware Survey 2022 – like the Curate’s Egg, “good in parts”

You might not like the headline statistics in this year’s ransomware report… but that makes it even more important to


Improved Pricing for APEX Data Storage Services Available Now

New cost savings provide a higher ROI and availability to a larger segment of Dell customers.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Reaching the Convergence of Security and Productivity

It?s all too common that IT security tools and practices come at the cost of productivity. Even physical security has


Here’s what to look forward to at CARO Workshop 2022

CARO Workshop is an independent annual gathering of cybersecurity experts, and this year, the event will be held by Avast.