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Dell Technologies Named Leader in GigaOm Kubernetes Storage Radar

Dell’s Container Storage Modules deliver enterprise features for Kubernetes-based environments built upon the foundation of CSI.Blog | Dell TechnologiesRead More


S3 Ep102: Sorting fact from fiction in hyped-up cybersecurity news stories [Audio + Transcript]

Latest episode – listen now! Tell fact from fiction in hyped-up cybersecurity news…Naked SecurityRead More


Stronger Cloud Security in Azure Function Using Custom Cloud Container

In this entry, we discuss how developers can use custom cloud container image and the distroless approach to minimize security


Adapting to Climate Change

Lessons from Climate Week and how technology can be a driving force in addressing climate change.Blog | Dell TechnologiesRead More


Re-routing Our Connected and Autonomous Future

What does the connected future look like and how and when do you think we are going to get there?Blog


The New Era of Hacktivism – State-Mobilized Hacktivism Proliferates to the West and Beyond

Introduction Until last year, hacktivism has primarily been associated with groups like Anonymous – decentralized and unstructured collectives made up


Incident Response Services & Playbooks Guide

63% of c-level executives in the US don’t have an incident response plan yet 50% of organizations experience a cyberattack.


In Telecom, There’s a New Kid on the Block

Introducing Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks: A joint solution with Wind River.Blog | Dell TechnologiesRead More


Dell Technologies Telecom Certified – The Power of Partnership

Introducing our brand new Telecom Partner Self-Certification program.Blog | Dell TechnologiesRead More


Optus breach – Aussie telco told it will have to pay to replace IDs

Licence compromised? Passport number burned? Need a new one? Who’s going to pay?Naked SecurityRead More


Flagging 13 Million Malicious Domains in 1 Month with Newly Observed Domains

Threat Intelligence feeds are an integral part of any security strategy. In this new research see how Akamai researchers were


WhatsApp “zero-day exploit” news scare – what you need to know

Is WhatsApp currently under active attack by cyercriminals? Is this a clear and current danger? How worried should WhatsApp users


PLEASE_READ_ME: The Opportunistic Ransomware Devastating MySQL Servers

Guardicore Labs uncovers a Ransomware detection campaign targeting MySQL servers. Attackers use Double Extortion and publish data to pressure victims.BlogRead


Akamai Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave?: Web Application Firewalls, Q3 2022

Forrester?s 2022 evaluation of web application firewalls ranks Akamai as a Leader with the top score among all evaluated vendors


How Underground Groups Use Stolen Identities and Deepfakes

The growing appearance of deepfake attacks is significantly reshaping the threat landscape. These fakes brings attacks such as business email


Preventing Cryptocurrency Cyber Extortion

Highly destructive cybercrime is on the rise, and most of it is being funded with anonymous cryptocurrency. Discover cryptocurrency trends


Akamai Turns Up Linode Past 11

Akamai plans to add more than a dozen data centers, equipped with Linode?s full product suite ? across North America,


How Cisco empowered a multinational family business to weather the pandemic

Leng-d’Or leans on Cisco to maintain its status as a leading global snack food providerMore RSS Feeds: Newsroom: Feature


How Cisco empowered a multinational family business to weather the pandemic

Leng-d’Or leans on Cisco to maintain its status as a leading global snack food providerMore RSS Feeds: Newsroom: SecurityRead


How the world’s biggest cyber security event protects itself

Watch how Cisco engineers leveraged a state-of-the-art Meraki network combined with Cisco Secure software and threat intelligence to secure the


6 Key Insights from Akamai India Leadership Industry Summits

What does the future look like for consumer-to-internet and OTT media services in India? Here are six thought-provoking insights from


Empowering Partners to Sustainably, More Securely Retire Technology

Dell Technologies Asset Recovery Services enable partners across the globe to help their customers responsibly retire IT equipment.Blog Dell TechnologiesRead


The Intelligence Driving the Next Generation of PCs

Devices for hybrid work environments need to elevate how people work by going beyond just powering on.Blog Dell TechnologiesRead More


Smart Software Algorithms Let IT See the Future

Patented CloudIQ algorithms apply human and machine intelligence to help IT teams move faster and be more successful.Blog Dell TechnologiesRead


Scammers are most likely to pose as your friend — here’s why

I recently got a Facebook message that shook me. It was from an old roommate who I hadn’t spoken to


Avast commits to becoming a founder of the OpenWallet Foundation

Avast is publicly committing to becoming one of the founding supporters of the OpenWallet Foundation (OWF). The OWF is the


Uber and Rockstar – has a LAPSUS$ linchpin just been busted (again)?

Is this the same suspect as before? Is he part of LAPSUS$? Is this the man who hacked Uber and


Morgan Stanley fined millions for selling off devices full of customer PII

Critical data on old disks always seems inaccessible if you really need it. But when you DON”T want it back,


Cross-Site Scripting: The Real WordPress Supervillain

Vulnerabilities are a fact of life for anyone managing a website, even when using a well-established content management system like


Meeting Modern Application Needs with Data Processing Units

Accommodating the needs of business workloads and attendant network and security functions with innovative DPU solutions.Blog Dell TechnologiesRead More


What?s New for Developers: September 2022

Learn about Akamai?s voxel art contest, the updates to EdgeWorkers and EdgeKV demo sites, and how the beta Test Center


GTA 6: Massive footage leak

This week, in one of the biggest leaks in videogame history, a GTAForums user by the name of “teapotuberhacker” posted


Netiquette: Is it OK to share pictures of someone else’s kids online?

Go to any children’s performance, birthday party, or even just a day at the beach and you’ll see a sea


Dell Future-Proof Program Adds Intelligent CloudIQ AIOps Application

Updates to Dell’s Future-Proof Program further extend customer benefits across Dell infrastructure.Blog Dell TechnologiesRead More


S3 Ep101: Uber and LastPass breaches – is 2FA all it’s cracked up to be? [Audio + Text]

Latest episode – listen now! Learn why adopting 2FA isn’t a reason to relax your other security precautions…Naked SecurityRead More


Transforming 3D Graphics Production with Dell and NVIDIA Omniverse

Make the metaverse real with collaboration in virtual worlds with the Dell Validated Design for NVIDIA Omniverse.Blog Dell TechnologiesRead More


7 Years of Scarlet Mimic’s Mobile Surveillance Campaign Targeting Uyghurs

Introduction In 2022, Check Point Research (CPR) observed a new wave of a long-standing campaign targeting the Uyghur community, a


How to Prevent Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) Attacks

Explore key insights on how ransomware as a service (RaaS) operators work and how to prevent ransomware attacks.Trend Micro Research,


Atlassian Confluence Vulnerability CVE-2022-26134 Abused For Cryptocurrency Mining, Other Malware

Users are advised to patch immediately: We found exploit samples abusing the Atlassian Confluence vulnerability (CVE-2022-26134) in the wild for


Interested in cybersecurity? Join us for Security SOS Week 2022!

Four one-on-one interviews with experts who are passionate about sharing their expertise with the community.Naked SecurityRead More


EDR vs. Segmentation: Understanding the Differences

EDR and segmentation both address top-of-mind security use cases, but they address them differently.BlogRead More


Rising to the Challenge of a Green Data Center

When it comes to creating a green data center, it is imperative to have a partner who can help you


Native function and Assembly Code Invocation

Author: Jiri Vinopal Introduction For a reverse engineer, the ability to directly call a function from the analyzed binary can


Cisco collaborates with Mazak to innovate in sustainable manufacturing

Working together to build a bridge between productivity and sustainability. More RSS Feeds: Newsroom: Feature ArticlesRead More


Experience AI with NVIDIA H100 on Dell Servers

NVIDIA H100 on Dell R750xa servers enable the AI-ready Enterprise – try it on LaunchPad today and discover how.Blog Dell


Data Placement and Management Strategies with Microsoft Hybrid Cloud

What data placement and management strategies will work best for your hybrid cloud data estate?Blog Dell TechnologiesRead More


Smart Software Algorithms Let IT See More Clearly

Patented CloudIQ algorithms apply human and machine intelligence to help IT teams move faster and be more successful.Blog Dell TechnologiesRead


Security Risks in Logistics APIs Used by E-Commerce Platforms

Our research examines the security flaws that we found in the logistics API implementation of e-commerce platforms that can potentially


How Uber was hacked — again

Last week, an 18-year old hacker used social engineering techniques to compromise Uber’s network. He compromised an employee’s Slack login


Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022: 3 Actionable Tips

Make Cybersecurity Awareness Month a year-long initiative with these three actionable security tips to reduce cyber risk across the attack


Supporting the vision of a fully sustainable Cisco

From circular design to energy networking, Cisco’s Denise Lee coordinates cutting-edge innovation towards a greener future. More RSS Feeds:


LastPass source code breach – incident response report released

Wondering how you’d handle a data breach report if the worst happened to you? Here’s a useful example.Naked SecurityRead More


19th September – Threat Intelligence Report

For the latest discoveries in cyber research for the week of 19th September, please download our Threat Intelligence Bulletin. Top


Meet Prachi Shah, Senior Service Architect

Senior Service Architect Prachi Shah discusses how customer feedback plays a crucial role in product development at Akamai.BlogRead More


S3 Ep100.5: Uber breach – an expert speaks [Audio + Text]

Chester Wisniewski on what we can learn from Uber: “Just because a big company didn’t have the security they should


Akamai?s Perspective on September?s Patch Tuesday

Every Patch Tuesday stirs up the community. See Akamai’s insights and recommendations on what to focus on, and patch, patch,


Seesaw: Popular elementary school app used to distribute obscene image

Cassie,* a Vermont mother of four, woke up to a shock yesterday morning. When she went to check the Seesaw


Ransomware: 3 ways to protect your business

A string of recent articles has identified ransomware as the world’s greatest cybersecurity threat, especially with groups like Black Basta


Autonomous stores could change the retail game

Chris Hartman, senior director of fuels, forecourt, advertising, and construction at convenience store chain Rutter’s believes that autonomous stores may


UBER HAS BEEN HACKED, boasts hacker – how to stop it happening to you

Uber is all over the news for a widely-publicised data breach. We help you answer the question, “How do I


In-App Browsers and Akamai Page Integrity Manager

Learn how Akamai’s Page Integrity Manager tracks In-App browser injections to make sure sensitive information is kept safe and private.BlogRead


S3 Ep100: Imagine you went to the moon – how would you prove it? [Audio + Text]

Latest episode – listen now! Cosmic rockets, zero-days, tracking cybercrooks, and unlocking the DEADBOLT…Naked SecurityRead More


Voices From the Front: Right-sizing IT for Your Business

A flexible approach to capacity planning with APEX Flex on Demand – a conversation from Dell Technologies World.Blog Dell TechnologiesRead


Record-Breaking DDoS Attack in Europe

On Monday, September 12, 2022, Akamai successfully detected and mitigated the now-largest DDoS attack ever launched.BlogRead More


Winning with Automation: Modern Storage Experience

Data storage automation will drive productivity, accelerate outcomes with advanced analytics and create new opportunities for Enterprises.Blog Dell TechnologiesRead More


Questions to Ask Yourself Before Sending Sexy Photo Avast

Let’s be real: you’ve sexted. Your boo has sexted. Your mom has probably sexted! What’s more they have probably all


Top 5 CNAPP-Solved Security Challenges

Cloud-native application security solutions consist of various tools, each with its own objective – learn what security challenges CNAPP solves.Trend


Red Teaming to Reduce Cyber Risk

Discover how red teaming can help reduce cyber risk across your ever-expanding digital attack surface.Trend Micro Research, News and PerspectivesRead


Computing on the Edge – NEBS Overview

Explore the design and testing efforts required for an equipment vendor to certify that a telecom product is NEBS Compliant.Blog


Manufacturing Insights for Next-Level Productivity and Sustainability

How to move beyond overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), unlock productivity hours and advance sustainability at the manufacturing edge.Blog Dell TechnologiesRead


A Post-exploitation Look at Coinminers Abusing WebLogic Vulnerabilities

This blog entry details how Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Workload Security and Trend Micro Vision One™ effectively detected and


Serious Security: Browser-in-the-browser attacks – watch out for windows that aren’t!

It sounds like a scam that could never work: use a picture of browser and convince the user it’s a


PSA: Zero-Day Vulnerability in WPGateway Actively Exploited in the Wild

On September 8, 2022, the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team became aware of an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability being used to


Minimize Risk and Downtime with Dell Data Migration Services

How much downtime can your organization risk during data migrations?Blog Dell TechnologiesRead More


APEX Data Storage Services Introduces New Management Options

Control your transition to Storage as-a-Service with Dell APEX.Blog Dell TechnologiesRead More


Unleashing Partner Opportunity with APEX Enhancements

APEX updates for partners enable greater customization and flexibility, while geo-expansion, training and resources open new doors.Blog Dell TechnologiesRead More


Misinformation and propaganda in the authoritarian internet

On my sixth birthday, my father gifted me a globe of the world. It is the best birthday present I


Pros and Cons of 5G

As private 5G networks continue to roll-out, CISOs and security leaders need to fully aware of the security implications to


Apple patches a zero-day hole – even in the brand new iOS 16

Five updates, one upgrade, plus a zero-day. Patch your Macs, iPhones and iPads as soon as you can (again)…Naked SecurityRead


Closing the cybersecurity skills gap

Laura Quintana leads Cisco Networking Academy’s efforts to unleash the diverse tech and security talent of tomorrow.More RSS Feeds:


Closing the cybersecurity skills gap

Laura Quintana leads Cisco Networking Academy’s efforts to unleash the diverse tech and security talent of tomorrow.More RSS Feeds:


TikTok Denies Data Breach Avast

TikTok denies the claims made by hacking group AgainstTheWest that it breached an Alibaba cloud database containing 2.05 billion records


Smart Software Algorithms Let IT Breathe More Easily

Patented CloudIQ algorithms apply human and machine intelligence to help IT teams move faster and be more successful.Blog Dell TechnologiesRead


12th September – Threat Intelligence Report

For the latest discoveries in cyber research for the week of 12th September, please download our Threat Intelligence Bulletin. Top


Security Breaks: TeamTNT’s DockerHub Credentials Leak

One of our honeypots based on exposed Docker REST APIs showed cybercriminal group TeamTNT’s potential attack scenario and leak of


Avast and NortonLifeLock merge to tackle new challenges in Cyber Safety

It’s been more than a year since Avast and NortonLifeLock announced our intention to merge. One of the main reasons


How to deal with dates and times without any timezone tantrums…

Heartfelt encouragement to embrace RFC 3339 – find out why!Naked SecurityRead More


How Malicious Actors Abuse Native Linux Tools in Attacks

Through our honeypots and telemetry, we were able to observe instances in which malicious actors abused native Linux tools to


Talking Tech with Travis: Ep11- PowerMax and PowerStore .Next

Travis Vigil and Martin Glynn, Senior Director of Product Management, discuss the new capabilities of PowerStore and PowerMax.Blog | Dell


Is your phone Safe For Scrollers (SFS)?

Shan Boodram — certified sexologist, intimacy educator, podcast host, and all around sex education star — knows a thing or


S3 Ep99: TikTok “attack” – was there a data breach, or not? [Audio + Text]

Latest episode – listen now! (Or read if you prefer – full transcript inside.)Naked SecurityRead More


DDoS in Financial Services: What to Know and What to Do

Akamai explores trends of recent application-layer DDoS attacks across the Financial Services industryBlogRead More


Back to school: Top tips and tricks

The teachers have started teaching, and the students have started learning. Another school year is launched, and this year, there


The latest privacy legal environment is getting interesting

California’s privacy laws have now been in effect for more than two years, and we are beginning to see the


Biden Cybersecurity Executive Order: Ex-USSS Reflects

Ed Cabrera, former CISO of the US Secret Service and current Chief Cybersecurity Officer for Trend Micro, reflects on the



This article will explore three solutions, CIEM, CWPP, and CSPM, detail a sample case for each, and help you to


This is our chance to secure the metaverse

Now is the time we should be thinking about, and acting on, new measures to secure the metaverseMore RSS Feeds:


DEADBOLT ransomware rears its head again, attacks QNAP devices

NAS devices make it easy for anyone to add high-capacity file servers to their network. Guess why cybercrooks love NAS


PSA: Nearly 5 Million Attacks Blocked Targeting 0-Day in BackupBuddy Plugin

Late evening, on September 6, 2022, the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team was alerted to the presence of a vulnerability being


 Building an SRE Community One Team at a Time

See how Dell IT is creating Site Reliability Engineering communities to improve site operations and better serve customers.Blog | Dell


Cyberterrorists Target Record Number of Victims with DDoS Attacks in Q2

In Q2, cyberterrorists targeted a record number of customer locations (groupings of assets based on cloud presence or physical data


Enhancing Cloud Security by Reducing Container Images Through Distroless Techniques

We analyzed the Distroless technique for reducing the size of container images and explored its capabilities to address security concerns.


Driving Cisco Investments, with a focus on diversity

Cisco’s Aspire Fund supports startups and venture funds to power an Inclusive Future.More RSS Feeds: Newsroom: Feature ArticlesRead More


The Most Hated Man on the Internet: Has the world changed?

Netflix’s recent hit documentary, The Most Hated Man on the Internet, focused on the story of Charlotte Laws, the mother