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Avast Identifies Ursnif Malware Victims | Avast

Avast Threat Labs discovered information that could be useful to past and present victims of the Ursnif banking trojan and,


FTC Fraud Alert: Look Out for Fake ‘Trading Commission’

A new scam finds fraudsters using a website designed to look like the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) site in


S3 Ep22: Cryptographic escapes and social media scams [Podcast]

Lastest episode – listen now. (And tell your friends!)Naked SecurityRead More


71,000 Containers: Powering Applications with Cloud-Native Technology

Learn how innovation at has been accelerated through the adoption of a micro-services architecture.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Video: Avast CTO Michal Pěchouček interviews Folding@Home Director Dr. Gregory Bowman

In our Partnership Executive Interview Series, we explore the ingenious and groundbreaking science being fostered by our incredible partners. Our


Does Linux Need Antivirus? | Avast

Linux has a reputation for being a safe platform. Its permission-based structure, in which regular users are automatically prevented from


Secure Care and Readiness for What’s Coming Next

See how healthcare secures IT environments, ensuring business & clinical staff are fully equipped to respond to cyber threats.Blog –


Critical Vulnerability Patched in WooCommerce Upload Files

On December 29, 2020, the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team was alerted to a potential 0-day vulnerability in the WooCommerce Upload


Aktívan kihasználják az Exchange sérülékenységet

Az elemzőket és a szakértőket is meglepte, milyen mértékű lehet a március elején bejelentett Microsoft Exchange szervereket érintő sérülékenység kihasználása.


Using TikTok? Check out these six security tips

Practical advice on how to maximize your security and privacy on TikTok.Naked SecurityRead More


Another Chrome zero-day exploit – so get that update done!

It’s déjà vu all over again! New month, new Chrome zero-day bug being exploited in the wild.Naked SecurityRead More


How (NOT?!) to jailbreak your iPhone

We’re sticking to our “patch early, peath often” mantra, although in this case it means you can’t jailbreak.Naked SecurityRead More


CIO Insights #12: Carlsbad, CA CIO talks vaccine distribution and smart city transformation

CIO David Graham chats with us about how heâ€TMs working to make Carlsbad more convenient for eve More RSS Feed:


Redesigning Meeting Spaces of the Future

As companies rethink their workplace policies to accommodate a more flexible hybrid work model, new technologies are needed to support


Akamai Identified as a Leader in DDoS Mitigation by Forrester

This week, Akamai was again recognized as a Leader in the latest The Forrester Wave™: DDoS Mitigation Solutions, Q1 2021.


Preventing Elder Scams | Avast

According to statistics compiled by the FBI and the FTC, cybercrime against older people is on the rise. In addition


Running Modern Workloads with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

Innovate and grow with the newest VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Medium Severity Vulnerability Patched in User Profile Picture Plugin

On February 15, 2021, our Threat Intelligence team initiated the responsible disclosure process for a vulnerability that we discovered in


Compromised enterprise devices detection based on abnormal behavior patterns– UEBA in action

Recently, many reports of incidents have been making headlines, proving that no business or industry is immune to advanced threat


Introducing New Storage and Data Protection Multi-Cloud Innovations

These configurations will deliver the same simplified deployment and operational efficiency, with cutting-edge performance in a smaller footprint.Blog – Dell


I see you: your home-working photos reveal more than you think!

Beware of sensitive data lurking in the background of your video calls and social pictures.Naked SecurityRead More


What does Noom know about you?

If you’ve thought about weight loss in the past year or so — or if you’ve listened to a podcast


Power of Partnership: AMD-based Configurations for Azure Stack HCI

Announcing the availability of AMD-based AX nodes for Azure Stack HCI.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Raising the bar on inclusive collaboration with Webex solutions

Raising the bar on inclusive collaboration with Webex solutions More RSS Feed for Cisco: …The Network: Top StoriesRead More


Cisco Completes Acquisition of Acacia

More RSS Feed for Cisco: …The Network: Top StoriesRead More


Search crimes – how the Gootkit gang poisons Google searches

When a search result looks too good to be true – it IS too good to be true!Naked SecurityRead More


Ursnif Banking Trojan Claims More Victims | Avast

Recently, Avast Threat Labs researchers were able to obtain information on possible victims of Ursnif malware.Blog | Avast ENRead More


How To Stop Misinformation | Avast

I watched the January 6 storming of the US Capitol building with my heart in my throat and my iPhone


COVID-19 Research Project Lands Best HPC Collaboration Award

Together with university partners and UK public health organizations, Dell Technologies shares a ‘Best HPC Collaboration’ award from HPCwire.Blog –


Evolution of AI Architectures

AI building blocks keep pace with swelling data stores.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


March 1st – Threat Intelligence Report

For the latest discoveries in cyber research for the week of 1st March, please download our Threat Intelligence Bulletin. Top


Naked Security Live – Beware copyright scams

Here’s the latest Naked Security Live talk – watch now!Naked SecurityRead More


Wizards 2020: Celebrating a community of innovators!

Wizards is a global ideation program that allows Akamai employees to submit their innovative ideas and contribute to the business


FBI Warns Against Vishing Scams Over VoIP

Cyber criminals are using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platforms to launch vishing attacks against employees worldwide, the FBI warned


Episode 106: Admin Password Resets, Blockchain Botnets and a Central Management RCE

WordPress 5.7 is due to be released on March 9, and it will allow administrators to send password reset emails


Envisioning the Future of Computer-Assisted Surgery

Medivis enriches surgical visualization with 3D holographic images built using AR and AI.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Hate Speech On Telegram | Avast

Earlier this month, Parler went back online, after several weeks of being offline. Its return has me thinking more and


Australia Considers Online Safety Bill 2021 | Avast

Parliament in Australia is reviewing the proposed Online Safety Bill 2021, which would in essence extend the cyberbullying rules protecting


What Is the Best Windows Server for Business Security? | Avast

When it comes to choosing a server, security should be a top priority. As servers are usually utilized within enterprise


Stalkerware And Children | Avast

The term “stalkerware” usually refers to people covertly tracking their romantic partners. But a recent analysis of the advertising messaging


What Is the Best Windows Server for Business Security? | Avast

When it comes to choosing a server, security should be a top priority. As servers are usually utilized within enterprise


CloudIQ Enablement Optimizes Storage Array Health

CloudIQ offers proactive insights and a suite of advanced analytics 24/7 so IT Admins can better manage their products, reduce


Akamai’s New ESG Office: A Catalyst for Environmental and Social Progress

We’re proud of the progress Akamai has made in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. From reducing our greenhouse gas


Rethinking What’s Possible in the Post-Pandemic World

In the early, ambiguous days of the COVID-19 outbreak, the global community had little time to strategize.More RSS Feed for


Helping You Immunize Your Organization Against the Cyber Pandemic: Check Point Research’s 2021 Security Report

Download the full 2021 Cyber Security Report    “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future,” as Niels Bohr,


Stalkerware And Children | Avast

The term “stalkerware” usually refers to people covertly tracking their romantic partners. But a recent analysis of the advertising messaging


What MyFitnessPal Knows About You | Avast

I use very few apps every single day. Instagram tops the list, followed by Twitter — and then MyFitnessPal. I


Applications are driving digital transformation

Digital transformation is being discussed in every boardroom and executive leadership meeting around the world, in almost every industry. More


Cisco AppDynamics Launches New Research, Revealing Unprecedented Demand for Full-Stack Observability with Business Context

AppDynamics releases Agents of Transformation 2021: The Rise of Full-Stack Observability, the latest edition of its global research study More


Keybase secure messaging fixes photo-leaking bug – patch now!

It’s a bit like Snapchat all over again – but this bug was quickly fixed.Naked SecurityRead More


Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series Appliances with DDOS 7.5

Details on the features and benefits of the latest DDOS release for your PowerProtect DD Series Appliances.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead


Firefox 86 Introduces Total Cookie Protection

Today we are pleased to announce Total Cookie Protection, a major privacy advance in Firefox built into ETP Strict Mode.


CTA and EIU State Threat Actor Report | Avast

Today, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord released a new report on corporate perceptions of cybersecurity threats posed by state-led and sponsored


Episode Fifteen – The esports Powerhouse

In the world of esports, millions of players strive for greatness. But, how do the top players and teams emerge …Blog


22nd February – Threat Intelligence Report

For the latest discoveries in cyber research for the week of 22nd February, please download our Threat Intelligence Bulletin. Top


Why I’m Optimistic About 2021

There’s a lot to look forward to as we turn the corner into 2021.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Naked Security Live – How to calculate important things using a computer

Here’s the latest Naked Security Live talk – watch now!Naked SecurityRead More


Q&A with Petra Kotuliakova | Avast

Winner of the Tech Inclusion Award at the 2020 European Tech Women Awards, Petra Kotuliakova has dedicated the last nine


The Story of Jian – How APT31 Stole and Used an Unknown Equation Group 0-Day

Research by: Eyal Itkin and Itay Cohen There is a theory which states that if anyone will ever manage to


Nvidia announces official “anti-cryptomining” software drivers

“It’s a DoS, Jim, but not as we know it.”Naked SecurityRead More


Cisco Completes Acquisition of IMImobile PLC

IMImobile brings key cloud communications software and communications platform as a service technology expanding the capabilities of Cisco Webex Contact


Episode 105: The Hottest Trend in WordPress

An analysis of WordPress-related search trends found that interest in WooCommerce related results dominated during 2020. We discuss recent vulnerabilities


TechBeat Podcast: Talking data privacy with Harvey Jan‪g

Cisco’s Chief Privacy Officer, Harvey Jang explains how the pandemic has shown just how important it is to protect people’s


Creating Safer, Smarter Environments with Intelligent Video Analysis

New Dell EMC Ready Solution uses intelligent analytics with video streams to improve customer experience across a wide range of


The massive coronavirus pandemic IT blunder with a funny side

He was either the smallest person who has ever lived, by an order of magnitude, or the heaviest person ever


MyData Global Data Trust Network | Avast

A novel experiment in deploying large-scale trusted data networks has begun in Helsinki, a city of over 600,000 residents and


Study Proves AI Can Encourage Dishonesty | Avast

A new study published by researchers at the University of Amsterdam, Max Planck Institute, Otto Beisheim School of Management, and


Verizon Business expands Cisco relationship with SD- WAN managed service offers 

Verizon Business is expanding its managed SD-WAN portfolio by adding three new Cisco-based offers.More RSS Feed: …The Network: Top


S3 Ep20: Corporate megahacking, true love gone bad, and tax grabs [Podcast]

Latest episode, listen now! (Includes special gardening safety section at no extra charge!)Naked SecurityRead More


Clusters in a Cloud

Using PowerProtect Data Manager to Protect with Hyperscalers – AKS, GKE, EKSBlog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


US names three North Koreans in laundry list of cybercrime charges

Trio alleged to have been at it for more than a decade, and to have made off with well over


OEM Solutions Enable Human Progress

How OEM Solutions works with customers to co-design solutions that continue to change our world for the better.Blog – Dell


Can Edge Computing Exist Without the Edge? Part 3: The Economics of Edge Computing

Do the math. For the past decade, digital businesses have been investing in digital transformation initiatives. The promise is to


Fun To Financially Driven Cybercrime | Avast

Computer viruses and malware have been around for many years. Malware creators of the late-’80s and the ‘90s were tech-savvy


What MyHeritage DNA Knows About You | Avast

I’m kind of a genealogy nerd. I don’t mean like a hardcore genealogy person — I’ve probably spent a total


AV-Comparatives Top Rated Product Of 2020 | Avast

We’re proud to announce that Avast Free Antivirus has been awarded “Top-Rated Product” status for 2020 by AV-Comparatives. Avast was


“ScamClub” gang outed for exploiting iPhone browser bug to spew ads

Stay away from popup surveys that want personal data. Tell your friends…Naked SecurityRead More


Reduce Product Development Costs and Increase Innovation

I know that the headline sounds contradictory. Maybe you’re scratching your head and asking yourself how is that even possible …Blog


Communication is the Heart of Understanding

Make the right choices for a positive outcome by understanding the hidden signs and telemetry data points in your data


Sextortion Email Scams | Avast

Sextortion is an emerging online scam that takes advantage of people’s fear that their most intimate moments will be exposed


When Cyber Gangs Disregard Ransomware Payments, Victims Can Be Hit Twice

Several digital gangs have gone back on their pledge to honor the ransomware payments made by victims. The Digital Criminals


The Free Speech Triangle | Avast

As someone who has survived two very different dictatorships, hearing Americans and Europeans debate free speech always feels a little


Combine PDF files with ease using Acrobat online tools

<div class="embed embed-internal embed-internal-combinepdffileswitheaseusingacrobatonlinetools embed-internal-16"> <div> <h1 id="combine-pdf-files-with-ease-using-acrobat-online-tools">Combine PDF files with ease using Acrobat online tools</h1> <p>Take the hassle out


Avast Hacker Archives Episode 3 – Chris Roberts | Avast

Several years ago, Chris Roberts was waiting for a train in Chicago. Bored, he found himself staring at one of


One Million Sites Affected: Four Severe Vulnerabilities Patched in Ninja Forms

On January 20, 2021, our Threat Intelligence team responsibly disclosed four vulnerabilities in Ninja Forms, a WordPress plugin used by


Social justice and the hills we climb

Social justice and the hills we climb More RSS Feed for Cisco: …The Network: Top StoriesRead More


400GbE Finally Hits the Mainstream

Dell Technologies latest Z-series 400GbE family of switches will get you the throughput and performance you need in the data


Romance scams at all-time high: here’s what you need to know

It’s heartbreaking to get sucked into a romance scam, or to watch a friend or family member getting sucked in.


SolarWinds Hack and the Case of DNS Security

It’s not news that some of the top government agencies and companies in the world were victims of the SolarWinds


ApoMacroSploit : Apocalyptical FUD race

1.1      Introduction At the end of November, Check Point Research detected a new Office malware builder called APOMacroSploit, which was


FDA Medical Device Cybersecurity | Avast

Even if you don’t live in the US, you probably have heard about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the


How one man silently infiltrated dozens of high-tech networks

Ever counted how many external source code dependencies your fancy new software product has? Be prepared for a surprise!Naked SecurityRead


Second-guessing the CISO in an emergency

Second-guessing the CISO in an emergency More RSS Feed for Cisco: …The Network: Security NewsRead More


15th February – Threat Intelligence Report

For the latest discoveries in cyber research for the week of 15th February, please download our Threat Intelligence Bulletin. Top


Egregor ransomware criminals allegedly busted in Ukraine

More good news in the cybercrime law-and-order world, this time a bust of ransomware crooks.Naked SecurityRead More


Clubhouse Security and Privacy | Avast

Seemingly overnight, a new social network — Clubhouse — is popping up everywhere. On January 31, Elon Musk tweeted that


File Taxes Safely And Securely | Avast

The time of the year that we know and love has rolled around again — it’s tax season. In addition


Episode 104: Cryptography Demystified

This week, the Wordfence team discusses cryptography in depth, including the basics, a brief history, hashing, and the Crypto Wars.


Cisco Webex named Official Collaboration Partner of McLaren Formula 1 team

More RSS Feed: …The Network: Top StoriesRead More


Cisco Launches Digitization Program in Japan to Support Inclusive Pandemic Recovery

Cisco and the government of Japan are collaborating on mass-scale digitization projects that will support the government’s broader inclusive pandemic


Fallen victim to online fraud? Here’s what to do…

Practical tips on how to avoid getting scammed in the first place, as well as what to do if it