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Simplifying and Accelerating Open RAN

We are accelerating the deployment of new Open RAN architectures and ushering in a new era of 5G growth.Blog –


REvil ransomware gang allegedly forced offline by law enforcement counterattacks

One down. Lots more to go. Here’s what to do…Naked SecurityRead More


Storage and Data Protection for your Cloud-First Strategy

Give your data simultaneous multi-cloud access, and protect it along the way.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Malicious Cracked Games Pose Risks | Avast

Reports of a new malware targeting gamers, along with Avast Threat Labs findings on Crackonosh, are reminders that targeting gamers


Understanding The Facebook Outage | Avast

In early October, Facebook and their apps – including Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger – effectively disappeared from the internet for


Offline NHS Vaccine Passport Strands Travelers | Avast

For four hours on October 13, the Covid-19 pass system used by England’s National Health System (NHS) went offline, stranding


Using Kerberos for Authentication Relay Attacks

Posted by James Forshaw, Project Zero This blog post is a summary of some research I’ve been doing into relaying


Your Best Defense Against Ransomware: Akamai + Guardicore

For decades, Akamai has been focused on solving tough problems for our customers. We started by addressing the challenges of


Windows Exploitation Tricks: Relaying DCOM Authentication

Posted by James Forshaw, Project Zero In my previous blog post I discussed the possibility of relaying Kerberos authentication from a


Delivering Customer Choice and Flexibility with APEX

Dell Technologies is expanding our portfolio and capabilities of APEX so you can deliver the latest solutions as-a-Service today, providing


S3 Ep55: Live malware, global encryption, dating scams, and secret emanations [Podcasts]

Latest episode – listen now! (And sign up for our forthcoming Live Malware Demo at the same time.)Naked SecurityRead More


Can Private Wireless Networks Shape Tomorrow’s Enterprise?

Private wireless networks and edge cloud are considered the main catalysts for the 4th industrial revolution, how do they work


The Wildest Celebrity Hacks and How They Happened | Avast

“I got hacked!” Every time a celebrity gets caught posting something they shouldn’t, we hear this common refrain. But sometimes,


“To the moon!” Cryptocurrency hamster Mr Goxx trades online 24/7

Here’s a happy cryptocurrency story for once, with not a cybercrook in sight.Naked SecurityRead More


Where and What is the Edge?

Understanding your edge is the first step to driving more business value from data.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Vulnerability Patched in Sassy Social Share Plugin

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Unlocking the Opportunities of Multi-cloud

Avoiding common challenges is key to unlocking multi-cloud’s true potential.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Welcome to Edge Diagnostics

After nine months of dedication and hard work, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our new Edge


Generational Internet Use | Avast

There’s a common belief that kids are always on their phones. And we assume they’re on there because that’s where


How a simple Linux kernel memory corruption bug can lead to complete system compromise

An analysis of current and potential kernel security mitigations Posted by Jann Horn, Project Zero IntroductionThis blog post describes a


Tattleware And Privacy | Avast

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, thousands of companies suddenly had to adapt to remote work. While many


It’s Time to Go Beyond Traditional Support

The workplace has changed for IT and PC users, has your support evolved with it? Learn about the newest features


Over 25% of Malicious JavaScript Is Being Obfuscated

Last year, Akamai released research on obfuscation techniques being used by cybercriminals to create malicious JavaScript. The code is unreadable,


Looking back at Twenty Years of OEM Solutions

What does 20 years in cutting edge technology look like? OEM Solutions has been innovating for two decades and is


Top IoT Devices Reported By Abuse Victims | Avast

Tech abuse is a growing problem. ENRead More


Hacking a Kindle

You own some pretty “smart” computers. The laptop on your desk, the phone in your pocket, the system that runs


18th October – Threat Intelligence Report

For the latest discoveries in cyber research for the week of 18th October, please download our Threat Intelligence Bulletin. Top


Delivering AI at the Edge

Living on the edge is not recommended for most, but when data resides there and insightful actions are needed fast,


Elders And Digital Burden Fears | Avast

Jay McGowan, 83, spends about seven or eight hours a day online. He’s had the internet since 1995, but didn’t


Co-innovate to Succeed in the 5G Era (and Beyond)

Tomorrow’s leaders are already staking their claim in telecom’s open future.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


How Flexible is Your IT Business?

Technology Rotation delivers business flexibility and cash flow optimization.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Building your career

Explore. Experience. Share. How to get into cybersecurity…Naked SecurityRead More


Learning Framework For Detection of Novel Malware | Avast

This post was written by the following Avast researchers: Viliam Lisý, Avast Principal AI ScientistBranislav Bošanský, Avast Principal AI ScientistKarel


What Microsoft Bing?s IndexNow Means for CDN Users

Microsoft Bing today announced the rollout of IndexNow, a new protocol designed in conjunction with Yandex and Baidu that can


It’s Not You. It’s Them. On Hacking and Responsible Disclosure.

A story was recently posted to Hacker News celebrating a hack of IoT devices at a school that let a


LANtenna hack spies on your data from across the room! (Sort of)

Are your network cables acting as undercover wireless transmitters? What can you do if they are?Naked SecurityRead More


Digital Wellness and the Facebook Outage | Avast

“I liked this platform better when it was down,” snarked a friend of mine on Facebook, referencing last week’s surprise


Google Pulls “Stalkerware” Ads | Avast

Google pulled several ads for violating its policy against promoting “stalkerware,” surveillance apps that encourage users to spy on their


In Dell Technologies’ Drive for Growth, Status Quo is Main Competitor

Spend a few minutes with Dell Technologies’ leadership team, and it’s obvious that they share a certain confidence and fearlessness.


Simplifying AI at the University of Pisa

The University of Pisa shows how organizations can accelerate AI with the combination of Dell EMC VxRail, Dell EMC PowerScale


How Dell is Empowering the Future of Work

Learn how Dell IT is creating a work-from-anywhere experience for our 130K strong global workforce.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


E-Waste Wanted: Helping Technology Live On

Imagine a future where waste never goes to landfill – where waste is put back into products in an endless,


Unify IT, OT, and Business for Smart Manufacturing Outcomes

The industrial edge need not be complex. Simplify your path to smart manufacturing with a validated, end-to-end edge solution.Blog –


Supercharge Kubernetes Deployments with Dell EMC Container Storage Modules

Enterprise storage made real for Kubernetes.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Gen Z Online Privacy And Security | Avast

Gen Z — the generation born between 1997 and 2012 — is the first generation to grow up as true


Integrating Akamai mPulse with Consent Management Providers

Akamai mPulse is a real user monitoring solution, providing detailed information about the user experiences delivered by your web applications.


Romance scams with a cryptocurrency twist – new research from SophosLabs

Romance scams and dating site treachery with a new twist – “there’s an app for that!”Naked SecurityRead More


Bringing Digital Inclusion to Our Communities

Dell Technologies is committed to access for all and helping to create digital inclusive communities.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


More Generation Zs Are Falling for Online Scams

It’s sometimes easy to think phishing or vishing scams only work on people who aren’t very savvy online. Namely, there’s


Consolidate Your Edge with Dell EMC VxRail

New VxRail satellite node generates value where it’s needed most by bringing VxRail efficiency, automation and operational simplicity to single


New Dell Latitude Rugged: Extreme Laptops for Extreme Jobs

When your work takes you to the world’s harshest environments you can’t afford for technology to fail you. Dell Technologies’


Simplifying Your Edge to Thrive in the Data Decade

As customers seek to capitalize on edge computing, Dell Technologies brings the trusted experience to the edge to help enterprises


Multiple Vulnerabilities in Brizy Page Builder Plugin Allow Site Takeover

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Akamai MFA in Action: Single Sign-On is Phish-Proof and Simple to Use

Breaking news: we just completed an 850-user pilot with Akamai MFA. In this blog, the first in a series, I?ll


Check Point Research Prevents Theft of Crypto Wallets on OpenSea, the World’s Largest NFT Marketplace

Research by : Dikla Barda, Roman Zaikin & Oded Vanunu   During the past few weeks, Check Point researchers spotted


Wordfence Helps Enable Education in Uganda

I want to share something very exciting and truly wonderful with you all today. Wordfence just completed a project where


It’s the End of Passwords as We Know It

Passwords are headed towards extinction, but that’s not a bad thing.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


MyKings Crypto Malware | Avast

There’s a lot of money in cryptocurrency these days. In addition to hobby traders, cryptocurrency has attracted the attention of


Making the Cloud of Dreams Real

APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud combines the ease of operations and simplicity of the public cloud with the performance


Cybersecurity awareness month: Fight the phish!

Phishing crooks get to try over and over again. But you only have to make one mistake…Naked SecurityRead More


11th October – Threat Intelligence Report

For the latest discoveries in cyber research for the week of 11th October, please download our Threat Intelligence Bulletin. Top


Global Home Design Leader Revs Up Its SAP Environment

Umbra dramatically reduces run time for critical SAP processes from hours to minutes by modernizing with Dell EMC infrastructure.Blog –


Apache patch proves patchy – now you need to patch the patch

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more, and close up the hole of encoding dread.Naked SecurityRead More


Leader Recognition in Distributed File Systems and Object Storage

For the sixth consecutive year, Dell Technologies named a Leader in 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Distributed File Systems and


Benchmarks Confirm Dell Technologies as an AI Systems Leader

In competitive MLPerf benchmarks, Dell EMC systems win in image recognition, speech-to-text, object detection, recommendation engines, natural language processing and


Prevent Business Network Failures | Avast

On October 4, Facebook was offline for about six hours due to human error. The company states that “configuration changes


Hacker Leaks Twitch Source Code and Contents | Avast

An anonymous hacker posted 125 GB of data to 4chan on Wednesday, claiming it was the entirety of live streaming


Mitigating CVE-2021-41773: Apache HTTP Server Path Traversal

On September 29, Ash Daulton, along with the cPanel Security Team, reported a path traversal and file disclosure vulnerability in


Living on the Edge

From rock and roll anthem to the latest in technology.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Coming Together to Tackle Phishing ? For the Greater Good

Every day, Akamai?s Threat Research team tracks and mitigates phishing attack campaigns to help keep our customers ? and their


Making the Internet Resilient: Part One

Think how many websites you visit or videos you stream. Do you check your bank account or transfer money, download


Attack Campaigns Ramp Up for Organizations Down Under

DDoS and AppSec attacks impacting the ANZ region (Australia and New Zealand) have been in the headlines of late, with


PowerEdge: Your Innovation Engine for Businesses of All Sizes

Announcing building-block rack servers and small foot-print tower servers that provide flexible, powerful and affordable solutions for organizations of all


Avast Business Takes Home AV-TEST Top Rated Award | Avast

During July and August 2021, AV-TEST continuously evaluated 19 business endpoint protection products using settings as provided by the vendor.


Apache web server zero-day bug is easy to exploit – patch now!

Some of us have Apache as our primary web server. But lots of us may have Apache without knowing it,


High Severity Vulnerability Patched in Access Demo Importer Plugin

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CISA Creates JCDC Agency for U.S. Cyber Defense Operations Plans

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) announced the creation of a new agency on Aug. 6 to lead the


The Impact of Third-Party Scripts on the Facebook Outage

A lot has already been written about the Facebook outage earlier this week. In case you missed it (if that?s


Converged 5G Core is Coming: Are You Ready?

Open solutions that bring great ideas together are the key to successful 5G core solutions.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Forrester: Embrace Zero Trust for Australia?s Essential Eight

Elevate maturity levels with a security model that protects your business and enables growth. Featuring research from Forrester: Embrace Zero


Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series Appliances and DDOS 7.7

Learn more about what’s new in this DDOS 7.7 release.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Is Free Wi-Fi Really Safe? | Avast

School is back in session, and for many colleges, this means a return to campus. After a full year of


The Power of Why: Rediscovering Akamai?s Purpose

As I took on the role of Chief Marketing Officer of Akamai earlier this year, I set out to inspire


Holiday Readiness, Part Three: What you Should be Thinking About Two Months Out?Performance Optimizations

October is here, and that means we are less than two months away from the busiest weekend of the year.


Firefox 93 features an improved SmartBlock and new Referrer Tracking Protections

We are happy to announce that the Firefox 93 release brings two exciting privacy improvements for users of Strict Tracking


Europol announces two more ransomware busts in Ukraine

“Two in custody,” as they say. Cars, cash and cryptocoins nabbed as well.Naked SecurityRead More


New Validated Design Unlocks the Power of AI

Dell Technologies, VMware and NVIDIA clear the way to speed access to artificial intelligence across the enterprise with the launch


Introducing APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud

On-premises infrastructure as-a-service that delivers secure and consistent operations across multi-cloud environments.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Accelerate Results with VMware and Dell Technologies

Growing numbers of organizations are capitalizing the combination of VMware and Dell Technologies to drive artificial intelligence and other emerging


Dell EMC ObjectScale and VMware: Better Together

Out of Early Access, Dell EMC ObjectScale on VMware vSphere® with Tanzu™ will be available for download later this calendar


Securing Connections: Disabling 3DES in Firefox 93

As part of our continuing work to ensure that Firefox provides secure and private network connections, it periodically becomes necessary


Firefox 93 protects against Insecure Downloads

  Downloading files on your device still exposes a major security risk and can ultimately lead to an entire system


Social Media Surveillance By Law Enforcement | Avast

A recent investigation by the Brennan Center for Justice into the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) found that officers have


Getting the Most out of Windows 11 on Dell PCs

Windows 11 is almost here and we’re eager for people to experience the new features on Dell PCs for the


EAA Client Escalation of Privilege Vulnerability on Windows

This post covers the details of CVE-2021-40683 (CVSS 6.5), the vulnerability impacting the Akamai Enterprise Application Access (EAA) Client running


In the Driver’s Seat of the APEX Console Journey

Discover the Dell Technologies APEX Console in action, with features you’ll love and business outcomes you can expect to achieve.Blog


4th October – Threat Intelligence Report

For the latest discoveries in cyber research for the week of 4th October, please download our Threat Intelligence Bulletin. Top


Holiday Preparedness?Things to Think About 2 Months Out: Performance Configurations

October is here, and that means we are less than two months away from the busiest weekend of the year.


Build a Sustainable Future by Supporting the Circular Economy

Achieve your business and sustainability goals with Technology Rotation.Blog – Dell TechnologiesRead More


Cybersecurity Awareness Month: #BeCyberSmart

#BeCyberSmart – during CyberSecurity Awareness Month and beyondNaked SecurityRead More