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23 arrested in Spanish football match-fixing probe

These arrests took place in November 2022 in several Spanish provinces – Badajoz, Cádiz, Ciudad Real, Córdoba, Tenerife and in


Cybercriminals stung as HIVE infrastructure shut down

In the last year, HIVE ransomware has been identified as a major threat as it has been used to compromise


Successful takedown of drug trafficking network in Italy and Albania

The criminal groups were allegedly responsible for the large-scale trafficking of cocaine, cannabis and heroin mainly from Albania to Italy.


Outstanding results for the 2022 EU Most Wanted campaign

As part of the campaign, ENFAST and Europol directed EU citizens to the EU Most Wanted website to view images


FanDuel Sportsbook Bettors Exposed in Mailchimp Breach

Amid all the NFL playoff action, FanDuel has sent an email warning to gamblers that their data was exposed in


Apple Patches WebKit Code Execution Flaws

Apple’s product security response team on Monday rolled out patches to cover numerous serious security vulnerabilities affecting users of its


Thoma Bravo to Buy Magnet Forensics in Billion-Dollar Deal

Thoma Bravo’s shopping spree in the cybersecurity lane is showing no signs of slowing down. The private equity giant has


After data breach put their lives at risk, US releases 3000 immigrants seeking asylum

Imagine you’re an immigrant, who has fled your home country for the United States due to fear of being persecuted


Organizations Likely to Experience Ransomware Threat in the Next 24 Months, According to Info-Tech Research Group

Security leaders must build resiliency against these complex attacks immediately.Dark ReadingRead More


Bitzlato: senior management arrested

Almost half of all Bitzlato transactions linked to criminal activities Targeting crucial crime facilitators such as crypto exchanges is becoming


Octosuite: A New Tool to Conduct Open Source Investigations on GitHub

GitHub is one of the most popular code-hosting platforms on the internet, with a global community of more than 90 million


Sophisticated ‘VastFlux’ Ad Fraud Scheme That Spoofed 1,700 Apps Disrupted

A sophisticated ad fraud scheme that spoofed over 1,700 applications and 120 publishers peaked at 12 billion ad requests per


In-the-Wild Exploitation of Recent ManageEngine Vulnerability Commences

Cloud risk management and threat detection firm Rapid7 warns that it has seen organizations being compromised in attacks exploiting a


T-Mobile has been hacked… again. 37 million customers’ data stolen

Wireless network operator T-Mobile has suffered yet another data breach. And we shouldn’t be at all surprised if fraudsters use


Ransomware attack hit KFC and Pizza Hut stores in the UK

Anyone fancying a quick bite to eat in the UK may have found their choices more limited than usual on


The Evolution of Account Takeover Attacks: Initial Access Brokers for IoT

Head off account takeover attacks by being proactive about IoT security. Start with designing and building better security protocols into


Critical Manufacturing Sector in the Bull’s-eye

Serious security flaws go unpatched, and ransomware attacks increase against manufacturers.Dark ReadingRead More


Vulnerable Historian Servers Imperil OT Networks

These specialized database servers, which collect and archive information on device operation, often connect IT and OT networks.Dark ReadingRead More


How Would the FTC Rule on Noncompetes Affect Data Security?

Without noncompetes, how do organizations make sure employees aren’t taking intellectual property when they go work to work for a


Smashing Security podcast #305: Norton unlocked, and police leaks

Carole’s in her sick bed, which leaves Graham in charge of the good ship “Smashing Security” as it navigates the


92 charged in bust targeting migrant smugglers in Bulgaria

The action day on 16 January led to: 92 persons charged 624 locations checked  4 202 vehicles checked 7 019


Call centres selling fake crypto taken down in Bulgaria, Serbia and Cyprus

The Action day on 11 January 2023 led to: 15 arrests, 14 in Serbia and one in Germany; 261 individuals


Counterfeit tobacco products worth EUR 17 million seized in France

During the raids last week, the French officers arrested nine suspects, most of them Moldovan nationals. The gendarmes discovered a


Call centres selling fake crypto taken down in Bulgaria, Serbia and Cyprus

The Action day on 11 January 2022 led to: 15 arrests, 14 in Serbia and one in Germany; 261 individuals


Call centres selling fake crypto taken down in Bulgaria, Serbia and Cyprus

The Action day on 11 January 2022 led to: 15 arrests, 14 in Serbia and one in Germany; 261 individuals


4 key shifts in the breach and attack simulation (BAS) market

The increase in the number of attack surfaces along with the rise in cybercriminal sophistication is generating technical debt for


EU Tells TikTok Chief To Respect Data Privacy Laws

The European Union warned online giant TikTok on Tuesday to respect EU law and ensure the safety of European users’


SAP’s First Security Updates for 2023 Resolve Critical Vulnerabilities

SAP this week announced the release of 12 new and updated security notes as part of the January 2023 Security


Unpatchable Hardware Vulnerability Allows Hacking of Siemens PLCs

Researchers at firmware security company Red Balloon Security have discovered a potentially serious vulnerability affecting many of Siemens’ programmable logic


251k Impacted by Data Breach at Insurance Firm Bay Bridge Administrators

Third-party administrator of insurance products Bay Bridge Administrators (BBA) is informing roughly 250,000 individuals that their personal information might have


What Are Some Ways to Make APIs More Secure?

Developers should go beyond the basics to make it harder to exploit the API.Dark ReadingRead More


Rackspace: Ransomware Attack Bypassed ProxyNotShell Mitigations

The hosting provider had not applied Microsoft’s new patch due to publicly reported issues with the update.Dark ReadingRead More


Five Guys Data Breach Puts HR Data Under a Heat Lamp

Job applicants could face a raft of follow-on attacks after cyber intruders accessed their data in an opportunistic attack.Dark ReadingRead