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Simple bank shutdown goes awry leaving customers without account access

The online bank Simple shut down on Saturday and was supposed to seamlessly transition customers’ accounts over to its parent


Need more budget for artificial intelligence projects? Point out what the competition may be doing

More than two-thirds of executives, 67%, fear their competitors are further along with ‘deep-tech’ solutions, such as artificial intelligence and


Cyberattack Forces a Shutdown of a Top U.S. Pipeline

The operator, Colonial Pipeline, said it had halted systems for its 5,500 miles of pipeline after being hit by a


Welcome to the new age of nuclear annihilation

“Every man, woman and child lives under a nuclear sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of


China eyes strategic airfield deep in the Pacific

China could be moving a crucial chess piece into position in the Pacific frontier — and there isn’t a single


Elon Musk’s SpaceX is literally launching a Dogecoin-funded satellite to the Moon

SpaceX launches a Falcon 9 rocket in February 2021. | Photo: SpaceXSpaceX is now accepting Dogecoin, and it’ll be paid


CISA MAR report provides technical details of FiveHands Ransomware

U.S. CISA has published an analysis of the FiveHands ransomware, the same malware that was analyzed a few days ago


Pipeline Shutdown Has Had Little Impact on Supplies So Far

But some energy warned of possible shortages and higher prices if the suspension continues into the week.NYT > TechnologyRead More


The Call of Duty League’s champions are being honored at Verdansk Stadium in Warzone

The champions of the first season of the Call of Duty League are being honored in a unique way: with


‘XcodeGhost’ Malware Infected Around 128M iOS Users

 In a recent malware attack over 128 million iOS customers have been targeted. The malware employed by the attackers goes


Clubhouse comes to Android after more than a year of iOS exclusivity

ClubhouseAfter more than a year of iOS exclusivity, social audio platform Clubhouse is releasing its Android app. It will be


Google Chrome’s new privacy feature restricts online user tracking

In the latest move to improve the privacy of the Chrome browser, Google is adding support for a new HTML


Ransomware Attack Shuts Down Top U.S. Fuel Pipeline Network

 The operator of a major gasoline pipeline in the U.S. shut down operations late Friday following a ransomware attack pipeline


How to exclude files and folders from Windows Defender scans

Sometimes legitimate programs or programs created by your organization may have false-positive detections in Windows Defender. Fortunately, Microsoft also offers


WhatsApp to restrict features if you refuse Facebook data sharing

WhatsApp says that it will not delete or deactivate the accounts of users who oppose its latest privacy policy update


Amazon Fake Reviews Scam Exposed in Data Breach

The identities of over 200,000 people who appear to be participating in Amazon fraudulent product review schemes have been exposed


Watch Elon Musk play Wario, parody SpaceX, and hype dogecoin on Saturday Night Live

Elon Musk dressed as Wario. | Image: SNLAs you’ve surely heard, last night’s guest host on Saturday Night Live was


New trailers: A Quiet Place 2, Stranger Things 4, Loki, and more

Image; ParamountI’m sticking with The Handmaid’s Tale for now; in the latest episode we see a lot of very improbable


SQL injection issue in Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin exposes User Data

‘Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk’ anti-spam WordPress plugin could expose user sensitive data to an unauthenticated attacker. A Time-Based


Apple Shortcuts is great, but it needs a notification toggle

Apple’s Shortcuts app is a fantastic piece of iOS, a nearly limitless corner of the operating system that lets users


A Russian specialist warned of the deadly dangers of the smartphone

 The most frequently smartphones of the company Samsung are exploded. There are also known cases when Apple products exploded in


Microsoft’s president revealed how to succeed at the company. It’s quite weird

You thought you knew how it works in big tech companies? Well, have you ever thought of charting your influence?Latest


What’s Google Floc? And How Does It Affect Your Privacy?

There’s a battle raging over how advertisers can target us on the web—or whether they should be able to target


Chinese drones a killer eye in the sky in Myanmar

When Myanmar’s military junta seeks to gain a tactical advantage against pro-democracy demonstrators or ethnic resistance groups, it sometimes deploys


Google Gets Serious About Two-Factor Authentication. Good!

The tech giant wants to push its billions of users—and the rest of the industry—to enable multifactor authentication by default.Security


SolarWinds Hack Alarms US Spy Agencies to Inspect Software Suppliers’ Ties with Russia

 US intelligence agencies have started to study supply chain threats from Russia, a top official within the Justice Department confirmed


No shame: the podcast taking on the Arab world’s sex and gender taboos

Eib is now in its seventh season, fearlessly tackling subjects from Beirut’s drag queen scene to Jordanian widows’ rightsRude, fault


Elon Musk says he is ‘first person with Asperger’s’ to host Saturday Night Live

The billionaire made the comment during opening monologue in much-anticipated debut hosting the comedy showElon Musk has told viewers of


US workers continue unionization fight – but will Amazon prevail?

Despite defeat in Alabama, workers are fighting to form and run unions at the tech giant on several frontsIn the


Security Affairs newsletter Round 313

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived! Every week the best security articles from Security Affairs free for


Ransomware Hits US Defense Contractor BlueForce

A ransomware attack hit U.S defense contractor Blueforce, says Hatching Triage sample, and a Conti ransomware chat. Ransomware in the


An Award-Winning iPhone Hack Used by China to Spy on Uyghur Muslims

 According to a recent article, the Chinese government used an award-winning iPhone hack first uncovered three years ago at a


How private is your Gmail, and should you switch?

You might be surprised how much Google’s email service – and others – know about you. Here’s how to set


TsuNAME flaw exposes DNS servers to DDoS attacks

A flaw in some DNS resolvers, tracked as TsuNAME, can allow attackers to launch DDoS attacks against authoritative DNS servers.


Online Cheating Charges Upend Dartmouth Medical School

The university accused 17 students of cheating on remote exams, raising questions about data mining and sowing mistrust on campus.NYT


Covid-19 takes a dire global demographic toll

Pandemics have historically given rise to major social and demographic transformation. Labor shortages following the Black Plague, for example, resulted in


Biden’s talk of vaccine IP waiver is political theater

India has welcomed US support for a relaxation in patent rules to give developing countries affordable access to vaccines and


The not-so-drastic truth behind climate change

This is the first of a five-part series on climate science. Read part 1 here. Dr Steven Koonin, who served


An out-of-control Chinese rocket has re-entered Earth’s atmosphere

Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty ImagesThe 100-foot-tall, 22-metric-ton Chinese Long March 5B rocket that launched the first chunk of Beijing’s


Chinese rocket segment breaks up over Indian Ocean

A large segment of a Chinese rocket re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere and disintegrated over the Indian Ocean on Sunday, the


Dogecoin is crashing while Elon Musk is on Saturday Night Live 

While Elon Musk hosted Saturday Night Live, Dogecoin investors sold. When SNL first went live, the cryptocurrency hovered around 69


Elon Musk’s SNL monologue poked fun at his public persona

Elon Musk on Saturday Night Live | NBCElon Musk opened his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live by acknowledging his


Every other EV brand showed up to Elon Musk’s SNL

At least five of Tesla’s competitors bought ad time during Saturday Night Live hosted by Elon Musk, using the billionaire’s


Twitter scammers impersonate SNL in Elon Musk cryptocurrency scams

Twitter scammers are jumping on Elon Musk’s hosting of Saturday Night Live to push cryptocurrency scams to steal people’s Bitcoin,


World waits for Chinese rocket to reenter the atmosphere, not knowing where it will land

At around 100 feet tall and about 22 metric tons, China’s Long March 5B rocket stage is set to become


World waits for Chinese rocket to reenter the atmosphere, not knowing where it will land

At around 100 feet tall and about 22 metric tons, China’s Long March 5B rocket stage is set to become


The Colonial Pipeline Hack Is a New Extreme for Ransomware

An attack has crippled the company’s operations—and cut off a large portion of the East Coast’s fuel supply—in an ominous


Saturday Night Live with Elon Musk will be live-streamed internationally for the first time

Photo By: Rosalind O’Connor/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesSaturday Night Live will be live from New York— and streaming to


Cyberattack Forces a Shutdown of a Top U.S. Pipeline

The operator, Colonial Pipeline, said it had halted systems for its 5,500 miles of pipeline after being hit by a


A cyberattack shutdown US Colonial Pipeline

A cyberattack forced the shutdown of one of the largest pipelines in the United States, the Colonial Pipeline facility in


Mother’s play: Moms and kids connect in Animal Crossing

Kids have grown up playing Animal Crossing games with their parents for years, eventually becoming parents themselves and sharing with


CIA rocked by worldwide ‘Havana Syndrome’ attacks

It began with officials of the US and Canadian embassies in Havana in 2016-17, who were hit by a mysterious,


Mother’s play: Moms and kids connect in Animal Crossing

Kids have grown up playing Animal Crossing games with their parents for years, eventually becoming parents themselves and sharing with


Go watch how Marvel’s FX team created a new ‘visual language’ for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Anthony Mackie as Falcon | MarvelNow that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has wrapped and we’re still a few


How to watch Technoking Elon Musk on SNL

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is hosting Saturday Night Live this week. He’s coming in fresh from Wednesday’s successful


Microsoft pulls Windows 10 AMD driver causing PCs not to boot

Microsoft has pulled an AMD driver from Windows Update after numerous people reported that it prevents Windows 10 from starting


How to control Spotify while playing a game in Windows 10

While playing a game, you may want to listen to your playlist rather than the in-game music to get the


Threat Actors Use Several New Advanced Techniques To Exploit Windows Services

 According to the cybersecurity researchers, several fresh techniques, comparatively advanced — are being used by attackers, for exploiting legitimate Windows


Workings of US Firms Disturbed Due to Covid Surge in Banglore

 To say that Bengaluru’s epidemic is huge is an understatement. Bengaluru has more than 65 percent of all active cases


Largest U.S. pipeline shuts down operations after ransomware attack

Colonial Pipeline, the largest fuel pipeline in the United States, has shut down operations after suffering what is reported to


Colonial Pipeline cyberattack shuts down pipeline that supplies 45% of East Coast’s fuel

The attack highlights how ransomware and other cyberattacks are increasingly a threat to real-world infrastructure.Latest newsRead More


Ransomware gangs have leaked the stolen data of 2,100 companies so far

Since 2019, ransomware gangs have leaked the stolen data for 2,103 companies on dark web data leaks sites. […]BleepingComputerRead More


Coda is a post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure that crosses Fury Road with Lord of the Rings

Image: Boom Comics / Matias BergaraComics have never been bigger: with Marvel TV shows, DC movies, and indie adaptations growing


Cyberattack disrupts Colonial Pipeline, which transports 100 million gallons of fuel daily

A cyberattack has temporarily halted operations at Colonial Pipeline, the largest pipeline system for moving gas and diesel products in


Celebrate the weekend with these money-saving tech deals

Image: SatechiI’m here with the latest collection of the best tech deals that appeared on The Verge this week. Similar


The meltdown at Basecamp shows even small tech firms are sociopathic | John Naughton

A culture war between founders and employees at the software firm is a reminder that new industries aren’t any more


Elon Musk on Saturday Night Live, explained

Photo Illustration by Grayson Blackmon / The Verge | Photo by Getty Images PoolWho is Elon Musk? Oh, come on. Seriously! Fine. He’s


Tesla to pay $750k fine and build solar microgrid system to settle California air quality violations

Illustration by Alex Castro / The VergeTesla has agreed to pay a $750,000 fine and install a solar roof project


We may never know the exact toll of the pandemic

Funeral pyres burn for people who died of COVID-19 in India, on May 6. | Photo by PRAKASH SINGH/AFP via


Cyberattack prompts shutdown of major fuel pipeline in the US

Colonial Pipeline says it was victim of cyberattack | Getty ImagesOne of the largest pipelines in the US has been


I’m done with Zoom, says one of America’s top business figures

Has the Zoom backlash begun? Perhaps. Even the last person you’d think would had enough of Zoom is having his


A disgraceful Starbucks order showed how much worse people are online (Or did it?)

A popular view is that the online world brings out the very worst in humanity. Is this entirely true?Latest newsRead


Cyberattack Forces Shutdown of Major U.S. Pipeline

Colonial Pipeline halts all fuel pipeline operations in response to a cyberattack A cyberattack has forced an operational shutdown of


TsuNAME: New DNS Bug could be used to DDoS Authoritative DNS Servers

Security researchers have found extreme domain name system (DNS) fixes that hackers may use to conduct constructive denial-of-service attacks on


Microsoft warns of a large-scale BEC campaign to make gift card scam

Microsoft is warning of a large-scale BEC campaign that targeted hundreds of organizations leveraging typo-squatted domains registered days before the


Microsoft Will Soon Kill Flash on Windows 10 for Good

Plus: A Peloton data leak, Russian hacker details, and more of the week’s top security news.Security LatestRead More


Why even the studios behind bestselling games shut down

Ruin and recovery in the video game industry Continue reading…The Verge – All PostsRead More


ZTE Blade 11 Prime review: wireless charging for under $200

If you’re already invested in a wireless charging lifestyle, the Blade 11 Prime is a budget phone to match it


Modem Vulnerabilty Attacks Android Phones, Steals Data and Records Calls

Google and Android manufacturers always aim to keep their hardware and software security robust. However, a vulnerability found in Qualcomm


ISPs Funded 8.5 Million Fake Comments Opposing Net Neutrality

The secret campaign, backed by major broadband companies, used real people’s names without their consent.Security LatestRead More


Research Shows 19 Petabytes of Data Exposed Across 29,000+ Unprotected Databases

 Researchers from CyberNews discovered that over 29,000 databases across the world are now totally inaccessible and publicly available, exposing over


One tweak for a more pain-free Google Chrome browsing experience

Web notifications are a plague. Here’s how to stop being plagued by them!Latest newsRead More


ShinyHunters is Leaking Data of all the Big Conglomerates

 Following the hacking of masked credit and debit card data belonging to crores of Juspay customers, independent cybersecurity analyst Rajshekhar


The mysteries of the iPhone charging chimes

It’s not as simple or as straightforward as it seems.Latest newsRead More


The Separate Worlds of Bill and Melinda Gates

They built an empire that was essential in the pandemic. Now, their impending divorce makes personal a shift that confidants


Tiny Palau in not-so-pacific middle of US and China

Tiny Palau invited the US Pentagon to build ports, bases and airfields on its Pacific islands after Chinese President Xi


Australia rethinks China’s 99-year Darwin Port lease

How hard is Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison willing to poke the panda? That’s a question posed by the government’s


Turkey holds spoiler card in Afghan cut and thrust

With the clock ticking down to US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan on September 11, the future of the central Asian


Seeing the Real Faces of Silicon Valley

For many midlevel engineers and food truck workers and longtime residents, a region filled with extremes has become increasingly inhospitable.NYT


A ‘red team’ view of climate science

This is the first of a three-part series on climate science A new book is a must-read for anyone concerned


Can virtual meeting spaces save us all from Zoom fatigue?

Few of us will be back in the office full time – but does that have to mean endless video


TiVo’s first Android TV dongle also appears to be its last

Last May, TiVo attempted to muscle in on Roku and Amazon with an HDMI streaming dongle of its own —


Weak passwords is one of the main reasons for computer hacking in Russia

 According to Sberbank Bi.Zone branch cybersecurity specialists, most users use passwords that are too simple, which cybercriminals can easily guess


NASA Mars Helicopter Makes One-Way Flight to New Mission

Ingenuity has flown almost flawlessly through the red planet’s thin air and will now assist the science mission of the


Apple is using’s ‘offensive and sexualized’ games as a cudgel against Epic

Illustration by Alex Castro / The VergeShortly before the Epic v. Apple trial, Epic Games made an interesting announcement: it


In Epic v Apple, everybody is losing at the game of defining games

Illustration by Alex Castro / The VergeIs Roblox a game or not? Continue reading…The Verge – All PostsRead More


NASA Mars Helicopter Makes One-Way Flight to New Mission

Ingenuity has flown almost flawlessly through the red planet’s thin air and will now assist the science mission of the


Google Stadia has figured out a way to ditch the fancy gamepad for TV play

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The VergeToday, there’s only one official way to play Google’s Stadia game streaming service


Dassault’s Falcon 10X raises the biz-jet bar

Dassault Aviation took aim at its main competitors, when it designed the longer range Falcon 10X business jet. Capable of staging


Grave of the Fireflies: misunderstood masterpiece

Grave of the Fireflies (BFI Film Classics), by Alex Dudok de Wit. Bloomsbury / BFI, £11.99. May 6, 2021. 104 pages.


New York Attorney General declares top ISPs committed net neutrality fraud

It turns out the FCC’s request for comments on net neutrality had been totally spammed by Broadband for America, an


Listen to what we’ve learned from Epic v. Apple this week

Illustration by Alex Castro / The VergeEvery Friday, The Verge publishes our flagship podcast, The Vergecast, where co-hosts Nilay Patel