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Crane Venture Partners supports open source developers with an itch to scratch

Crane Venture Partners offers a different kind of VC that is laser-focused on helping open source developers get the funding


These are the flaws that let hackers attack blockchain and DeFi projects

Most losses were due to ‘unsophisticated’ attacks.Latest newsRead More


SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro wireless headset review: A gamer’s delight

Stream audio from your phone and your PC with dual connectivity, thanks to SteelSeries’s new flagship gaming headset.Latest newsRead More


Build your own tiny robot dog with a kit that’s $30 off

Improving your coding and STEM skills has never been more entertaining than building a bionic dog with actual legs.Latest newsRead


Panasonic’s modular Toughbook 40 is built for the toughest use cases

The fully rugged 14-inch Toughbook 40 has a modular and highly configurable design, and is built to withstand some serious


Breeze through your inbox and increase your productivity for just $70

Free up some time by changing your how your email is delivered, it’s almost like adding more hours to the


Harley-Davidson’s Serial 1 announces a limited-edition electric mountain bike

Mike Calabro Serial 1, the e-bike company spun out of Harley-Davidson nearly two years ago, unveiled another premium model


The Gollum video game launches in September

The new game will be released one day before Amazon’s big new show. | Image: Daedalic Entertainment The Lord of


LimaCharlie Banks $5.45 Million in Seed Funding

LimaCharlie, a California company supplying tools to run an MSSP or SOC on a pay-as-you-use model, has attracted $5.45 million


Red Access Raises $6 Million for Secure Browsing Tech

Israeli startup scores investor interest in technology to help businesses block web-borne cyberattacks An early-stage Israeli startup working on secure


Hackers Can ‘Pre-Hijack’ Online Accounts Before They Are Created by Users

Threat actors could gain access to users’ online accounts by leveraging a new type of technique that involves pre-hijacking an


If Roe Falls, Abortion Prosecutions Will Be a Matter of Discretion

Three prosecutors explained to Motherboard why they will not be charging people seeking or providing abortions—and why they’re afraid.VICE US


Experts to World: We’re Doomed

A new report from the Stockholm International Peace Institute paints a grim picture of the coming decades.VICE US – MotherboardRead


SteelSeries Nova Pro Wireless review: it nearly does it all

The standard Nova Pro is a compelling wired option, too Continue reading…The Verge – All PostsRead More


TV’s New Sexy Romances Lack Sexiness and Romance

In The Time Traveler’s Wife and Conversations With Friends, love feels like a chore.VICE US – MotherboardRead More


Dolphins Recognize Friends By Tasting Their Piss, Scientists Find in Wild Experiment

Scientists put pee “in a little cup at the end of a very long pole” to see if they “sampled”


Microsoft warns of new highly evasive web skimming campaigns

Threat actors behind web skimming campaigns are using malicious JavaScript to mimic Google Analytics and Meta Pixel scripts to avoid


All these images were generated by Google’s latest text-to-image AI

Sample images from Google’s new text-to-image AI. | Image: Google (collage by The Verge) Imagen what else this thing can


The 5 best robot mowers of 2022

What is the best robot mower? Our pick is the Worx Landroid L with its multi-tool battery system, rain delay


China cranks up stimulus to revive growth hopes

China has launched 33 new measures to boost domestic consumption and investment in a bid to regain growth momentum as


Polar Pacer Pro review: An affordable sports watch built for runners

The Polar Pacer Pro will help you train to achieve your goals while avoiding injuries.Latest newsRead More


Mr. Boop, the psychosexual webcomic that is a scathing critique of copyright

You can’t summarize the webcomic Mr. Boop better than its first panel, which emerged out of what felt like the


HP’s Pavilion x360 14 will be one of the most affordable 5G laptops

Remember, the x360s are the flippy ones. | Image: HP HP’s newest budget laptop, the Pavilion x360 14, will be


Microsoft says Windows 11 has hit this major milestone

Microsoft has declared Windows 11 ready for broad deployment – so long as your hardware is up to the job.Latest


Workers plan to quit their jobs this year. Employers need to deliver change, and fast

‘Don’t get complacent’ about the Great Resgination, employers are warned, as workers search for greater flexibility and fulfilment.Latest newsRead More


SpaceX Starlink for RVs has arrived, here’s what you need to know

SpaceX’s Starlink now lets you take the service on the road, but don’t expect to work while you’re driving.Latest newsRead


Tech neck: what are smartphones doing to our bodies?

Bending your head to use a phone stresses the spine, say chiropractors – and that’s not the only way the


This era of big tech exceptionalism has got to end: Australian eSafety Commissioner

If the failures of this version of the internet are not learned, what will happen in a world of full


IBM is helping these schools build up their ransomware defenses

The goal is to improve cybersecurity defenses in public sector schools.Latest newsRead More


Open Source Intelligence May Be Changing Old-School War

Intelligence collected from public information online could be impacting traditional warfare and altering the calculus between large and small powers.Security


How to watch Microsoft’s Build 2022 conference

Microsoft’s Build social media profile template has a cute cat as a placeholder. You can download it here (warning: 75MB


Pushing Buttons: Why linking real-world violence to video games is a dangerous distraction

In this week’s newsletter: Tragic shootings in the US have resurrected the disproven theory games turn people into killers. Why


Cybersecurity Community Warned of Fake PoC Exploits Delivering Malware

Researchers have spotted fake proof-of-concept (PoC) exploits that appear to have been created by threat actors in an effort to


Microsoft: Credit card skimmers are switching techniques to hide their attacks

Attackers are using image files with hidden malicious PHP script to manipulate e-commerce checkout pages and capture payment card details.Latest


SolarWinds: Here’s how we’re building everything around this new cybersecurity strategy

The SolarWinds supply chain attack was one of the biggest cyber incidents there’s ever been. Here’s how the company has


Biden bids to win back Asia with IPEF trade gambit

US President Joe Biden’s five-day visit to top two Asian military allies South Korea and Japan touched on key security


FAQ: What is Discord, the chat app used by the Buffalo shooter?

What is Discord, the chat app used by the Buffalo shooter?TechnologyRead More


FAQ: What is Discord, the chat app used by the Buffalo shooter?

What is Discord, the chat app used by the Buffalo shooter?TechnologyRead More


Moving beyond employee surveillance in transportation

How tech (and a tight hiring market) are eliminating surveillance in commercial trucking.Latest newsRead More


Advocates urge Amazon to drop controversial DHS surveillance program

HART will become the one-stop shop for profiles that combine data from other DHS projects. The post Advocates urge Amazon


Biden’s IPEF woefully more form than substance

TOKYO – Shakespeare seemed to be in the room this week when Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi dismissed Joe Biden’s


It’s 2022 and there are still malware-laden PDFs in emails exploiting bugs from 2017

Crafty file names, encrypted malicious code, Office flaws – ah, it’s like the Before Times HP’s cybersecurity folks have uncovered


Motorola teases phone with 200-megapixel camera as Razr rumors mount

Leaked renders of Motorola’s rumored smartphone. | Image: WinFuture Motorola could have not one, but two very interesting smartphones launching


Senate report criticizes feds’ approach to ransomware investigations

The federal government is not responding effectively to the ransomware crisis, according to a report from the Senate Homeland Security


China lashes out at US-led Asia-Pacific trade framework

Chinese officials describe the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, which has 12 participating Asia-Pacific nations, as the US government’s attempts to “contain”


Interested in Solar Panels? Here Is Some Advice.

Buying a solar energy system can be expensive and confusing. Here are some things to think about if you are


Why Has the CPI Inflation Calculation Changed Over Time?

As prices soar, some critics are raising doubts about the official inflation figures. But many economists say the figures are


The Surveillance State Is Primed for Criminalized Abortion

A new report lays out existing US police surveillance capabilities that can easily be repurposed to monitor pregnant people.Security LatestRead


Asus announces world’s first 500Hz Nvidia G-Sync gaming display

Asus’ ROG Swift 500Hz monitor | Image: Asus Nvidia and Asus are announcing the world’s first 500Hz G-Sync display at


On-demand grocery app Gorillas lays off half its office workforce

Photo by Annette Riedl/picture alliance via Getty Images Grocery app Gorillas, which promises to deliver goods in as quickly as


Flicker of hope for Cambodia’s rubbed out opposition

“We can only ask and appeal to those who love democracy and our nation to unite with the Candlelight Party,”


Imperative to address Baloch insurgency

On April 26, the attack by female suicide bomber Shari Baloch, a 30-year-old research scholar and schoolteacher, that resulted in


Nation-state malware could become a commodity on dark web soon, Interpol warns

Interpol Secretary warns that nation-state malware will become available on the cybercrime underground in a couple of years. Interpol Secretary


Google has compressed the power of its Street View cars into a cute, 15-pound camera

On the 15th anniversary of Street View, Google is also bringing historical Street Views to the mobile version of Google


Logitech MX Mechanical review: A masterful keyboard in all switches and sizes

The MX Mechanical exemplifies Logitech’s legacy in keyboard engineering, fusing the productivity chaps of the Master Series with the mechanics


Airbnb to close in China amid repeated Covid lockdowns

With pandemic restrictions showing no sign of ending, home rental service says it will cease taking bookings for accommodation inside


Logitech’s new mouse and keyboard offer a quieter click and more clack, respectively

Logitech’s latest computer accessories offer a quieter or more tactile way to use your computer, depending on your preferences. The


Google Maps’ historical Street View imagery comes to mobile

See how a location has changed over time. | Image: Google Google Maps’ Street View feature is getting a couple


Sharif flipping Pakistan’s US and China relations

In the run-up to Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan’s April ouster in a parliamentary no-confidence motion, the elected leader explosively


Putin’s blinders: Ukrainians don’t identify as Russian

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine in February 2022 has, thus far, produced the opposite of what he


US pressure forces India to reassess its options

The United States’ approach to India since the outbreak of the Ukraine crisis has reignited India’s historical grievances toward Washington.


Quantinuum’s new platform brings quantum chemistry to industry

With the InQuanto platform, chemists in industries like automotive and pharmaceuticals are learning what they can do with quantum computingLatest


To stem Iraq’s drug trade, rein in the militias

Last month, nearly 16 million Captagon pills, an amphetamine-type stimulant that is quickly becoming one of the Middle East’s most ubiquitous


Government Cyber Security Advisory Board membership opens

Two-week window for cyber security advisory board member applications – The leading independent publisher of public sector technology news….Read


Ordnance Survey work experience

Nationwide online access to work experience levels up opportunities at Ordnance – The leading independent publisher of public sector


Samsung to spend $355 billion over five years on chips and next-gen technology

Samsung will expand its investment in what it calls strategic businesses, which include semiconductors and biopharmaceuticals.Latest newsRead More


US missile shield badly exposed to hypersonic threats

Missile defense, more than mutually assured destruction, is arguably the bedrock of global strategic security. The credible threat of mutually


Biden launches Indo-Pacific economic framework to counter China

The framework boasts four essential pillars — trade, supply chains, sustainable energy, and infrastructure — as well as tax and


China experts blast Biden’s Taiwan slip

WASHINGTON – In a break with American policy towards China over the past half-century, Joe Biden said during his first


New Australia government must go big on the Pacific

The federal election has delivered a monumental win for Australia’s relations with the Pacific. The stunning victories of teal independents


Science in the Empire archive goes digital

Three-way partnership brings important archives to digital – The leading independent publisher of public sector technology news….Read More


Catch up: Integrating Digital Health and Care

Catch up on the  the digital innovation and integration taking place across the public sector and the latest in the


Nvidia turns to liquid cooling to reduce big tech’s energy use

A rack full of these could hold so much liquid (and computing power). | Image: Nvidia Nvidia has announced its


NBN could end up as a 100Mbps network and the ACCC thinks it might be too quick

Excess pricing will push retailers and thus users towards an access-only 100Mbps plan, which will hollow out the lower end


DC Sues Zuckerberg Over Cambridge Analytica Privacy Breach

The District of Columbia on Monday sued Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg, seeking to hold him personally liable for the Cambridge


UK privacy watchdog fines Clearview AI £7.5m and orders UK data to be deleted

The orders conclude a two-year joint investigation the ICO carried out with the Office of Australian Information Commissioner.Latest newsRead More


 Zeus flicks too hard in latest Thor trailer

Thor: Love and Thunder | Image: Marvel The first full trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder has arrived, and somehow


Hisense Roku TV deals: Save up to $1,200 this Memorial Day

Pick up HDR TVs, soundbars, and projectors, and then save up to $1,200 on your new home entertainment system.Latest newsRead


Screencastify fixes bug that would have let rogue websites spy on webcams

School-friendly tool still not fully protected, privacy guru warns Screencastify, a popular Chrome extension for capturing and sharing videos from


Starlink’s new RV plan lets buyers skip the line if they pay more for worse service

Image: Starlink SpaceX’s Starlink is still scaling up its constellation of internet satellites, and the service is only intended for


The Rodecaster Pro II is a slimmer, more customizable audio mixer

Image: Rode Rode is introducing a new version of its portable audio mixer console, the Rodecaster Pro, with upgraded hardware,


SpaceX executive defends Elon Musk against misconduct accusations.

Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX’s president and chief operating officer, addressed sexual harassment allegations against Mr. Musk in a company email last


Snap Says It Will Miss Earnings Goals Because of Economic Challenges

Snap’s announcement comes amid a slowdown for tech start-ups, as venture capital funding has fallen and young companies have been


Klarna used a prerecorded video message to lay off 10 percent of employees

Klarna lost about one-third of its valuation since last year. | Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images Klarna, the


SpaceX’s Gwynne Shotwell defends Elon Musk to employees after allegations of sexual misconduct

SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell sent a company-wide email last week responding to a report of allegations


An uncomplicated introduction to Uncomplicated Firewall

If you want to better secure your Linux desktop, but don’t want to have to learn complicated firewall rules, Jack


Google Maps Workers Say They Can’t Afford the Trip Back to the Office

The contract workers are resisting a plan to resume in-person work, citing health concerns and commuting costs.NYT > TechnologyRead More


Unihertz Titan Slim first look review: Inexpensive, chunky, and unnecessary in 2022

Unihertz is known for making phones to appeal to niche markets, but its third hardware QWERTY model is unappealing in


Even as jobs go begging, many Americans stay home

You’d never guess how important the labor force participation rate is from the way the government reports it. The Bureau


The 5 best international travel credit cards of 2022

What is the best international travel credit card? It’s the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, but we also rounded up other


Money order vs. cashier’s check: What’s the difference?

Before you make your next payment, consider the difference between a money order and a cashier’s check.Latest newsRead More


What does pre-approved mean?

The difference could impact your credit score.Latest newsRead More


TikTok’s launching Twitch-like subscriptions in beta on Thursday

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge TikTok has announced a program that lets viewers pay to subscribe to specific


Google TV’s individual profiles are arriving after being delayed for a few months

Google TV profiles are now available to all users — including kids | Image: Google TV After being delayed for


Snap plans to slow hiring, warns that revenue will grow slower than expected

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel told employees Monday that the company would significantly slow hiring for the


Why sudo is so important in Linux and how to use it

If you’re new to Linux, you’ll want to know what sudo is and how it’s used. Jack Wallen explains.Latest newsRead


Florida’s social media moderation ban is probably unconstitutional, says court

Ricardo Ramirez Buxeda/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images A US appeals court says Florida’s ban on much social media


The best early Memorial Day deals happening now

The Sony SRS-XB43 is one of many tech deals worth taking advantage of for this summer kickoff holiday. | Image:


LG’s brilliant C1 OLED just hit its lowest price ever on Amazon

The LG C1 pairs 4K resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate with FreeSync and G-Sync for an amazing gaming experience.


GameStop launches non-custodial Ethereum wallet to store cryptocurrency and NFTs

The video game retailer of meme-stock fame will let its customers fully own their digital assets.Latest newsRead More


Activision Blizzard employees win their union vote

Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images The Game Workers Alliance, the union of quality assurance workers at


Workers at an Activision studio vote to unionize, a first for the gaming industry.

The new union affects only a small group of workers — 28 quality assurance workers at Activision’s Raven studio.NYT >


Researchers are using Google’s app to study the effect of phones on mental health

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge The University of Oregon is doing a study on the effect phones have


AT&T gives mobile subscribers Control

AT&T subscribers can try a cloud-streamed version of Control Ultimate Edition. | Image: AT&T AT&T customers can now play a