Don’t dox yourself by tweeting about data breaches

I am posting this because, sadly, it seems that some people DO need to read this, although most of them probably are not readers of my site. Ben Dickson cites reactions to the recent disclosure of the NetGalley breach to highlight errors  users may make in discussing the breach on social media: And in their haste to be the first to tweet about the breach, many users made awful mistakes, which could further compromise their security. The following is perhaps the worst way to tweet about the incident. The user admits using his NetGalley password for several other accounts. [image redacted by] While that tweet might have been a joke, this next one certainly isn’t. The user posted an image of the NetGalley advisory email that contained her full name (covered in image). Since the Twitter account name is pseudonymous, the user just revealed the full name of the person behind it. Read more on TNW.DataBreaches.netRead More