Tasmania Police called in after ambulance patient details published online

Emily Baker reports: The private details of every Tasmanian who has called an ambulance since November last year have been published online by a third party in a list still updating each time paramedics are dispatched. The breach of Ambulance Tasmania’s paging system has been described as “horrific” by the Health and Community Services Union, which has suggested the data dump could leave the Government open to litigation. Read more on ABC (AU).  There is some conflicting information in the reporting as to whether the site, whose ownership has not been named (has it even been identified?) is offline or still online and updating at the present time. But whether this type of thing was a leak or an intentional breach, it’s extremely disturbing.  The government needs to prioritize making sure this does not happen again, and finding out more about what has already been disclosed or disseminated.DataBreaches.netRead More