Giant leak exposes data from almost all Brazilians

Leonard Manson reports: On Tuesday morning (19), the dfndr lab, PSafe’s cybersecurity laboratory, reported a huge leak in a Brazilian database that may have exposed the CPF number and other confidential information of millions of people. According to the experts, who use artificial intelligence techniques to identify malicious links and fake news, the leaked data contains detailed information on 104 million vehicles and about 40 million companies, potentially vulnerable to 220 million people. The information contained in the compromised database includes the name, date of birth and CPF of almost all Brazilians, including authorities. Read more on Somag. This is a bit of a “hold my beer” moment for researchers who have quietly been finding and muttering over massive databases with Brazilians’ personal and medical information for more than a year now. Many leaked databases are now in the hands of individuals or firms who have not publicized their finds but have amassed detailed information on Brazilian citizenry.  When asked one Brazilian security researcher last year whether citizens would be concerned to know about leaks involving their CPF (which is their national taxpayer registration number), the researcher’s answer was basically, “No, we have bigger problems than that to worry about.”DataBreaches.netRead More